The Gray Son, The Gentle Hand
Lesser Deity

Symbol: A man’s hand partially wrapped in grey cloth
Alignment: Neutral good
Portfolio: Mercy, Hope, Benevolence
Core Worshipers: Flan
Domains: Community* (CD), Good, Healing, Liberation* (CD), Protection.
Favored Weapon(s): Hand of Zodal (unarmed strike – inflicts nonlethal damage)

Description: Zodal (ZOH-dal) is a servant of Rao. He espouses kindness and compassion in situations of anger and vengeance, and diffuses negative emotions of those around him. Depicted as a man in simple gray robes with large careworn hands, he considers even the most hateful and destructive gods his friends, for he believes that with enough effort on his part they might change their ways. He continues his ministrations despite the evil and pain in the world, believing that his efforts will eventually make change happen. His symbol is a man’s hand partially wrapped in a gray cloth. “Only by experiencing kindness and mercy can evil be turned from its path, whether in a single goblin or an entire nation. Despite the world’s troubles, press on with faith that your actions bring about a better place. Let the Zodal guide you when you would be pulled into the sea of blood, pain, anger and despair. You are the master of your feelings and by acting upon your positive ones you set an example for those who have known only misery.” Zodal’s clerics spend their lives in simple circumstances, using their knowledge and abilities helping people in need and alleviating pain. They are drawn to warfare, to minister to the wounded and convince evildoers to change their ways. They adventure to bring attention to their cause, discover artifacts of good like the Crook of Rao, and destroy items that promote woe.

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