The Princess of the Outcasts

Symbol: The draped sword
Alignment: Chaotic neutral
Portfolio: KDrow, Deception, Humiliation, Ambush, Assassination
Core Worshipers: Drow
Domains: Chaos, Luck, Trickery.
Favored Weapon: short sword of venom

Description: Zinzerena (zin-zuh-RAY-nuh) is a rebellious heroine venerated by the dissidents and outcasts of drow society. She appears as a cloaked and masked drow rogue who moves with astounding agility. Her cloak has the powers of displacement and protection, while her shortsword produces a paralyzing venom. She also carries a black-handled crop, which she uses to stun her victims. The great artifact also has the powers of a wand of wonder. Her sponsor to divinity was Keptolo, though she gained a fraction of his power as a ruse, for which he hates her. Her symbol is the draped sword, representing her hidden menace.

Zinzerena is beloved by those drow who wish to throw off the shackles of the priesthood of Lolth. She is a patron of assassins and illusionists. Members of the planar faction known as the Revolutionary League also hold her as a patron.

Zinzerena’s clerics are often multi-classed cleric/fighters or cleric/rogues. They are more common in the cities than the wilderness, though they may be found anywhere. Some are servants in the far-flung estates of drow nobles, and some are laborers, guides, physicians, poets, or prostitutes; even a few bohemian nobles have become traitors to their social class by joining the cult of the Princess of the Outcasts. Banished nobles have been among the greatest leaders in Zinzerena’s church. Clerics of Zinzerena may be chaotic evil, chaotic neutral, chaotic good, or neutral. Their favored weapon is the short sword.

The liturgy of Zinzerena is passed on in the form of folk-tales, for her faith has no place among the leadership of drow society. Her tales usually describe her hiding and waiting until her foes are weakened or lax in their attention before she attacks, and stories of her origin always describe her as local to the region in which they are told. Clerics of Zinzerena often multi-class as fighters or rogues. They are much more common in the decadent cities of the drow, but may be encountered almost anywhere, for even the noble estates have servants and staff drawn from among the commoners.

Only the most bohemian of nobles would enter her priesthood, though some have done so; inevitably, when they are discovered they are cast out as traitors to their social class. Ironically, such downcast nobles often become the greatest leaders of Zinzerena’s clergy, for they are the best educated and most politically experienced. Her clerics work as anything from simple rogues, to laborers, guides, physicians, poets, prostitutes, or nearly any other profession. What they all share is a rebellious spirit and a desire for change. Little knowledge of Zinzerena’s cult has spread to the surface world.

Dogma: Raise yourself up by bringing others down. Don’t reveal your strength, or you hatred, until your victim is helpless. Don’t strike until you have the advantage; the only fair fight is the one you win. Once the trap is sprung, make time to gloat before the kill. The legs of the spider are made to be broken.

Zinzerena’s followers believe in raising themselves up by bringing down others. They avoid revealing their true strength or hatred until their victims are helpless. They wait until they have the advantage to strike; fair fights are an alien concept to them. Zinzerena’s followers believe in the value of cruelty, stealth, misdirection, and survival by any means necessary.

One of their proverbs, referring to Lolth, is The legs of the spider are made to be broken.

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