The Great Guildmaster, The Money Counter
Intermediate Deity

Portfolio: Power, Prestige, Money, Business, Influence
Symbol: Hands clutching a bag of gold
Alignment: Lawful neutral
Core Worshipers: Oeridians
Domains: City* (RoD), Knowledge, Law, Mind* (CD), Pact* (CD), Trickery.
Favored Weapon(s): Dagger

Description: Zilchus (ZIL-chus) is a popular Oeridian god, depicted as a well-dressed Oeridian man of plain appearance but great wealth. Husband of Sotillion, brother of Kurell, ally of Rao, Zilchus has many contacts that reflect his ability to establish relationships that are vital to any businessman. A busy god, he has little time for frivolous pursuits, but is knowledgeable in such things because it allows him to influence others. He acts as a dealmaker between gods, finalizing agreements once Rao convinces warring parties to talk. His symbol is hands clutching a bag of gold. “In the world of men, the desire for money can be overwhelming. Control that desire in yourself and exploit it in others – that is the key to success and power. Anything done in the world can be done better for a profit, and those who recognize these opportunities are one step ahead of any competition. Politics and war are simply two other forms of trade, one using a currency of words and the other, lives; the trick is to spend yours more efficiently than your opponent.” Zilchus’ clerics are ruthless in business and often seen as emotionless. They are heavily involved in business and politics, and conduct deals above or below the table depending on their disposition. They work for powerful merchants, trade and crafts guilds, politicians, or nations, for themselves and their employers. Neophytes get less glamorous jobs, such as managing caravans or remote businesses, but some are hired to participate in high-risk but potentially profitable enterprises such as smuggling contraband and adventuring.

Zilchus is a Power who oversees affairs of money and business, but is also a temporal power concerned with prestige and influence. Zilchus is a Power revered by those who are fair, scrupulous in their dealings, and honest; shady merchants do not look to this Power.

Zilchus is portrayed as a middle-aged, smiling man with thick curly brown hair and brown eyes, tanned skin, and a dignified demeanor. He is richly dressed, but without ostentation or finery. He carries a purse full of gold, and also a flail with which to chastise the dishonest.

Zilchus’s faith has always been widespread throughout the central Flanaess and remains so, for when trade is brisk, honest dealings are more important than ever. Zilchus’s aspect as a Power of prestige and influence is somewhat lessened by the rise of more martial deities, but his priests are still listened to by most rulers because of their honesty and diplomatic skills.

Zilchus remains primarily a Power revered by the well-to-do and noble, rather than the common folk. Services to Zilchus involve incense burning, small offerings of goods, sermons, and homilies.

Zilchus’s Priests
Many of the priests are themselves merchants, nobles, or in a position of temporal power; this is regarded as a sign of one’s worth. Priests strive hard to mediation and diplomacy, and tend to get on well with priests of Rao (who gently chide them for their worldliness).

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