The Mad Archmage

Symbol: A rune of insanity—two zigzag lines side by side.
Home Plane: Oerth
Alignment: Chaotic neutral (CG)
Portfolio: Eccentricity, humor, occult lore, and unpredictability.
Core Worshippers: Humans
Worshipers: Eccentric loners, jokers, bards, and madmen.
Cleric Alignments: CN, CG, CE, N
Domains: Chaos, Knowledge, Madness* (CD), Magic, Trickery.
Favored Weapon(s): Club

Description: Zagyg (ZA-gig) was once Zagig Yragerne, the most famous lord mayor of the city of Greyhawk. Part of his apotheosis required the capture of nine demigods of opposing alignments (including Iuz, Merikka, Wastri and Rudd). While some of these demigods were freed by a group of adventurers, their temporary confinement (and Boccob’s sponsorship) was sufficient to allow Zagyg’s ascendance. Eccentric and likely insane when a mortal, he chose the rune of insanity as his symbol. He favors dark blue and silver but has little constancy in his physical depictions. He serves his divine sponsor and has been known to associate with Celestian.

“All deserve and need to be entertained and surprised by humor, although preferably in a manner that leaves them wondering for some time; to provide this service is of the highest priority. The quest for odd bits of information on magic is of the utmost importance, and above all one should live a life of unpredictability and abstain from repetitive habits.”

The various small clusters of his faith focus on one type of humor for a time, then abandon it when they believe it perfected, only to take it up again after a seemingly random interval. Zagyg’s few clerics enjoy bringing strangeness and humor to the lives of those around them, especially those in need of comedy to lift up their dulled souls, Many work as bards, travel far when their jokes are misunderstood or cause offense, and try to uncover lost magical knowledge. Most have at least one odd personal quirk, although whether this is an actual trait or one affected solely for the observer is debatable.

A mortal named Zagig rose to become Lord Mayor of Free City of Greyhawk. Eventually, he withdrew from the city he had built and began researching paths to divinity below Castle Greyhawk. By harnessing the power of the Obelisk below the Tower of Magic, he built a powerful magical prison in which he captured nine demigods, drained their divinity, and used it to ascend to godhood, after which he adopted the name Zagyg. Most of his captives have escaped since then, but Zuoken still remains in his prison.

Some of Zagyg’s clerics toil constantly to bring humor to the world, while others are so eccentric that most folk simply label them insane. All seek magical knowledge in its many forms, and most are wanderers, journeying from town to town to bring their faith to others. Often, locals who have grown tired of a Zagygian cleric’s pranks and odd habits simply drive him out of town.

Clerics of Zagyg tend to wear dark blue and silver robes on which they can display the god’s holy symbol prominently. However, they occasionally don other garb in conjunction with a prank or due to some personal quirk. The typical cleric of the Mad Archmage carries a club, but some carry more outlandish weapons—such as feathered staffs, rubber darts, or fruit pies—that are designed to amuse rather than harm.

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