Woolly Bay

The relatively shallow western end of the Sea of Gearnat is known as Woolly Bay. Merchants have sailed here for centuries, even before the Great Kingdom reached this area, and maps of the shores are so detailed as to include bottom soundings and the locations of numerous shipwrecks. Such exceptional maps are commonly available, making Woolly Bay perhaps the best-known body of water in the Flanaess. Currently, an enormous volume of traffic passes through here, coming from inland regions of the Flanaess down several rivers into the Nyr Dyv, then down the Selintan past Greyhawk to the north end of the bay. From here, these ships are joined by cogs, coasters, large galleys, freighters, and more from Hardby and Safeton, to cruise toward Relmor Bay or to the Straits of Gearnat and the Azure Sea beyond. Pirates from the Orcish Empire are becoming a problem.

Settlements and Locations along the Woolly Bay include:

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Woolly Bay

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