This small gate is reached from the river-front wharves by a long path that snakes its way up the bluff lo the gate in the city wall. It is open only from dawn until dusk. This is the only city gate with restrictions upon the type of travel through it. No wheeled vehicles, beasts of burden, or livestock may pass here.

In part this is justified by the steepness of the roadway, but it also serves to limit the traffic through the stately neighborhoods of the Garden and High Quarters.

The Wharfgate’s most notable feature is the splendid view afforded from its high vantage point. When outside the wall one can see many miles of the Selintan River. The heights of the Cairn Hills stand to the north in stately majesty. On a clear day the trees and rocks of the crests are clearly visible. And looking toward the city from inside the gate brings all of Greyhawk under view.

It is guarded day and night by an elite patrol of the City Watch, reinforced by a standard patrol in the gatehouse.

Douglas Niles. Greyhawk Adventures, Gem of the Flanaess 1989

City Gates of Greyhawk


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