Built by Tavish I in 304 CY to shield the central portions of Keoland from incursions from the Hool and to foster settlement of the south, Westkeep has a long and colored history. The fortress changed hands in 453 CY, as the Sea Princes took ownership and pushed the Keoish border north to the edge of the swamp.

The swamp served as an effective border until 590 CY, when years of internal conflict weakened the area, the Keoish Royal Standards were able to recapture Westkeep. This action reestablished a southern foothold for the Kingdom and simultaneously created a new point of friction in a region dominated by the Scarlet Brotherhood.

With high, thick walls, this southern frontier bastion serves the Lion Throne directly, and its Lord Governor relies on naval resupply and reinforcement to maintain Keoland’s presence. In order to do so, barges from Keoland’s interior make the trek south from Cryllor or ships cross Jeklea Bay and evade the sails of the Sea Princes. Both options are fraught with peril.

Hool Marsh Protectorate


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