The Alewife, Harvest Daughter
Lesser Deity

Portfolio: Autumn, West Wind, Harvest, Brewing
Symbol: A large mug of beer
Alignment: Chaotic good
Core Worshipers: Oeridians
Domains: Air, Chaos, Creation* (CD), Good, Liberation* (CD), Plant.
Favored Weapon(s): Club

Special Notes: Divine spellcasters make their holy water from blessed beer or ale.

Description: Wenta (WEN-tah) is the youngest Oeridian wind god. She always appears as a buxom, rosy-cheeked woman with straw in her hair and a large mug of beer (her holy symbol). She has no permanent ties to any one being, preferring to go where her heart takes her, and as such has been linked to many deities. The week of Brewfest is a holy time for her, although she prefers that people spend it cavorting and drinking rather than praying. She dislikes only her brother Telchur, seeing him as the black sheep always on her heels. “The cool winds of autumn are Wenta’s sign that it is time to reap. Winter’s cold can be delayed with the warmth of ale and beer, and brewing deserves as much care as you would give your lover. A day of hard work in autumn is repaid with pleasantly cool nights, good friends, and plenty of good drink to loosen your tongue and quicken your heart.” Wenta’s clerics are friendly, outgoing, and unafraid to talk to strangers. Their time of prayer is a brief interval before sundown. They organize gatherings, particularly those involving
alcohol, and direct harvest procedures so that work is shared fairly by all and finished early. Many work as brewmasters and travel to other parts of the world to enjoy the weather and local spirits. They adventure to meet new people and spend time with friends, or because they agreed to do so while intoxicated. Their holy water is actually blessed ale or beer.

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