Before the Greyhawk Wars, the town of Vrennmii was a thriving trade city of 4,500. It fell quickly during the war to the forces of Stonehold and the occupation forces of Iuz shortly followed and have not left since. The town now holds 1,500 or so residents who live their lives normally except for a few rules imposed by their new lord. The eastern half of town is in ruins and looks to have taken the brunt of the attack many years ago. The defensive walls have collapsed and the buildings show obvious signs of fire and siege damage to them. Below are some of the more prominent features of town:

Vrennmii Tower: This large black tower stands out in the center of town. It is still under construction, and it does not match any of the other architecture around it and is obviously a new addition to the town. The only information you can gain about it is that the local lord, Arken Litus, holds sway over the town from it and that the townsfolk avoid it.

Shrine to Iuz: Four blocks west of the tower sits the main temple to Iuz in town. It is a grim looking building with a small shed surrounded by a three foot stone wall.

Work Camp: A large camp has been setup on the west side of town. Locals say that Lord Litus is using the able bodied men of the town to scour the hills for the black rocks. The patrols also confiscate any rocks found on those trying to gather them for their own. The camp is heavily guarded and you would estimate 200 or so men between the ages of 15 and 40 are detained there.


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