Intermediate Power of the Prime Material Plane

Symbol: A rain cloud
Home Plane: Prime Material Plane/Oerth/Hepmonaland
Alignment: Chaotic good (NG)
Portfolio: Weather, Storms
Superior: none
Alias: none
Core Worshipers: Touv
Cleric Alignments:
Domains: Air, Chaos, Good, Healing, Sky* (RotW), Water, Weather* (CD).
Favored Weapon: (+1 shock shortspear)

Description: Vogan is the temperamental Touv god of rain, storms, and water, and the need of living things for moisture. He is worshipped to bring necessary rains and to stave off the worst storm. He is shown as a Touv man with laughing eyes and hair made of cascading water. Vogan’s holy men clean befouled stream and pond, discover sources of clean water, and arrange marriages between families, clans, and tribes – the god’s roving eye and wandering nature is mirrored by his priests, who note which people might be good matches. Ceremonial garb includes bracelets and armbands of metal and green stones.

Vogan appears as a Touv man with hair of cascading water and laughing eyes. He is said to be temperamental, and to have a wandering nature and roving eye.

Relationships: Through the sun goddess Nola, Vogan is the father of Breeka, and thus the grandfather of Katay. He is also the father of Kundo, through Nola’s daughter by Uvot, Xanag.

Worshipers: Vogan’s followers pray to him for necessary rain, and to stave off severe storms.

Clergy: Vogan’s priests clean befouled ponds and streams, seek out sources of pure water, and arrange marriages between tribes, clans, and families. Priestly vestments include armbands and bracelets crafted of metal and green stones. They typically arm themselves with spears, atlatls, daggers, short swords, and shortbows.

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