Vilp akf cho Rentaq

Elder Elemental God
Greater Power

Racial Origin: Unknown
Areas of Control: Chaos, Creation, Power, Prowess, Horror
Alignment: CE
Plane: Prime Material (Oerth; unknown alternate universe previously)
Sex: Male

In its true form, Vilp-akf ’cho Rentaq appears as a huge, squid-like creature having ten hairy tentacles and being mottled with various shades and tints of purple and violet. In this form it has a single golden eye that turns a fiery red-orange when the being is aroused.

One of three Elder Elemental Gods (EEG), Vilp-akf ’cho Rentaq is a dark, creative deity that had spun form out of chaos in its portion of one universe and then lost control of it. Weakened and reduced to using its true form, the EEG fled to Oerth, hiding itself within the eternal darkness of Tharizdun’s reign. When Pelor first shone and drove out Tharizdun, the EEG skulked into the dark recesses of Unoerth (the underground world of Oerth) where it slowly regained its powers.

Over time the EEG drew the attention of evil giants, establishing a cult that sacrificed to the EEG. As the centuries passed, small groups of other races served as both worshippers and sacrifices to the EEG. Eventually, an enclave of ancient Flannae discovered the EEG’s existence. These foolish few2 began to worship the alien being and were soon sacrificing to it. Discovering this corruption of her children, Beory became enraged. With matronly fury she smote the evil god with her powerful staff, instantly changing the EEG into a column of stone. She followed this with a second terrible blow that reduced the column to rubble.

All that remained of the EEG were chunks of cloudy, translucent, mauve and red stone. In some shards shapeless forms of purple, yellow, and green swayed and danced, in others horrible, mauve-splotched, hairy tentacles writhed, and in one a huge fiery-orange eye burned with hatred and vengeance.

Beory swept away these evil fragments and hid them away in the darkest recesses of Oerth. There she hoped they would remain hidden from her children forever. Such were the past eons. Now a few depraved enclaves have discovered some of these shards and are making it their mission to find more.

In fact, the EEG was not destroyed but entrapped by Beory’s blow. As a result the deity is crippled and can only access the Prime Material plane through these fragments. It greatly desires to be freed.

It is unknowable what the EEG’s true area of control is. What is known, is that the deity provides personal power and prowess to those evil humans, drow, and evil giants that sacrifice to it. Temples and shrines are built around shards of the EEG. These shards are scattered throughout Under-oerth, in subterranean caves, labyrinths, and rifts. Most are hidden beneath mountain ranges, deep gorges, and oceanic abysses. It is in these places that the depraved worshippers of the EEG may be found.

Central to these unwholesome temples are one or more shards of the EEG, sometimes forming the very altar or walls of the place. The sense of unease and insecurity within the temple is great. Weird symbols and engravings fill the area, along with silver chimes, black metal inverted triangles, and gongs. The whole is typically lit by fat black candles that spit and sputter with a ghastly purple light.

Garrison of Urnst, a dilettante archaeologist-sage with an interest in the occult, led an expedition to one such temple beneath the hall of King Snurre Ironbelly. Here is an excerpt from his journal prior to his sudden disappearance in CY 589:

“The very air of this weird place is illuminated by eddies of swirling luminosity, rusty purple motes and lavender rays, while globs of mauve and violet seep and slide around. Columns of serpentine, malachite, and obsidian line the place and are carven with runes, symbols, and sigils that stare from their positions and shift when one’s back is turned. The vaulted ceiling of the temple is beyond the range of normal illumination, some 60’ or so in height, its recesses are hidden in the blackest of shadow. At the far end of the chamber is a three-tiered dais, behind which is a wall of glossy, purple stone with an amber-like inlay of a huge inverted triangle having a Y enclosed within that touches the vertices of the triangle. The first tier of the dais is fashioned from black stone shot through with veins of violet. Upon this tier rests a rack of silver chimes and a large drum of a chitinous black material with a black skin stretched over it. The second tier is of a dark gray stone with specks of lilac, orange, and purple. Upon this step is an altar block of dull, porous-looking, somewhat rusty black mineral. On either side rests a verdigris-bronze brazier. Placed outside of these are three, tri-branched candelabras of verdigris-bronze, arranged in a triangular pattern pointing to the other end of the temple. Each branch is fixed with a single, fat black candle that burns with a flame of deep glowing purple and leaping lavender. The third and final tier is cut from a dull black stone with whorls of plum and lavender and splotches of red. This final tier is empty save for a black metal, inverted triangle suspended by chains from the ceiling above."

Worship involves sacrifice of sentient beings. Sometimes this even includes the worshippers and priests of the EEG’s themselves. Specific rituals are enacted with a complicated combination of chimes, gongs, triangles, and the touching of certain sigils and glyphs. These ceremonies are known to temporarily bring forth a portion of the EEG, from nearby shards, to claim its sacrifices and provide rewards and punishments. The rewards are incredible powers and the punishments are certain destruction

Elder Elemental God’s Priests
The primary drive and motivation for these priests is personal power and prowess. To gain these, priests seek to locate shards of the EEG and raise or restore temples around them. They are well aware of the unpredictable and violent nature of the EEG and make frequent sacrifices to keep it appeased.

Members of the priesthood choose either a minor knowledge of all elemental spheres or focus on one elemental sphere in particular.

The hierarchy of the priesthood is utterly cruel in its lust for power, with those who fail becoming sacrifices. Rank among this wicked lot is determined by individual power and prowess.

Gods of the Flanaess

Vilp akf cho Rentaq

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