Vesve Forest

The Treaty of Greyhawk established no clear borders within the Vesve Forest. Accordingly, warfare has plagued the woodland for much of the past decade. The elves currently hold the western and southwestern woods, while the northeastern lands are controlled by Iuz. The overlap between these areas is claimed by no one, being little more than heavily wooded killing fields inhabited by unaligned bands of non-humans, as likely to fall upon the troops of Iuz as they are to slaughter their usual enemies.

Locations and Settlements in the Vesve Forest:

The forest provides abundant resources, such as a variety of excellent woods, plant resins for waterproofing, incenses, preservatives, and medical berries and herbs. These resources are crucial to the economic health of Highfolk, Furyondy, and Veluna. Those three states, with assistance from the Knights of the Hart, support the indigenous nonhumans and woodsmen with manpower and occasional funds.

Humans of Highfolk and the Vesve
Elves of Highfolk and the Vesve
Gnomes of Highfolk and the Vesve
Halflings of Highfolk and the Vesve

The Shifting Frontiers of the Vesve. No district or province map fits the valley of the Velverdyva. This is a patchwork quilt of farmsteads, small fishing villages, halfling burrows and the like. Often races share territory quite happily.

The Vesve forest is another matter entirely. The shows several areas which have very fluid borders, some of which overlap. Those shown are accurate as for spring, 585 CY. They may change rapidly.

The Evil Lands in the Vesve
The Skirmish Zones in the Vesve
The Heartlands in the Vesve
The Fate of the Vesve

The lands north of the Deepstil River are the province of Wolf Nomads, who hunt game and take wood from this small swathe of forest. However, they visit but rarely and in small numbers, and Iuz’s forces are creeping into this area almost unopposed. Around 500 woodsmen, who are mostly hunters, trappers and fishermen, live here and resist these incursions.

The remaining areas of the Vesve have mixed elven and human populations. Some areas of the Vesve are elven clan heartlands, but none of them are of any size. The elves generally tolerate humans traveling, hunting, trapping and sometimes even living on the fringes of their clan lands.

Legends and Folklore of the Vesve Forest

Lastly, there are some bandits in the Vesve, a small number (no more than a few hundred in total) who prey on the good folk of the forest whenever they can. They are not generally in the service of Iuz, although one or two groups have been forced into the service of his priests when faced with execution as an alternative. Since such bandits often have a fine knowledge of trails, settlements, spies and woodland lore, they are very useful to Iuz’s interrogators,

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Vesve Forest

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