The Rainshroud, The Elder Breeze
Lesser Deity

Portfolio: Sky, Weather
Symbol: A bird perched on a cloud
Alignment: Neutral (NG)
Core Worshipers: Oeridians
Domains: Air, Travel, Water, Weather* (CD).
Favored Weapon(s): Spear

Description: Velnius (VEL-nee-us) is the most responsible member of his family. As Procan’s oldest child, he is the leader of the Oeridian wind gods and is called in to support or take over for them when they are overwhelmed or lax in their duties. He is shown as tall man of middle age with white hair and a cloak of feathers from which pours water and lightning. He is allied with his family members, friendly with neutral or druidic deities, and opposes Kurell. His symbol is a bird perched on a cloud. “The sky is the dome of heaven from which flow the necessities of life. The desert and the parched field cry out for rain while the road and swamp ask for the drying sun, and the request of each is answered. No matter which direction the wind blows, it is all part of the weather that Velnius controls. Weather is a blessing, for even if a storm or drought brings hardship, it will continue on its way to where it is needed.” Velnius’s clerics are used to speaking on the behalf of others (even if such intervention is not needed). They prefer talk to conflict, but can be very aggressive when provoked. They pray for rain when crops need water and call for temperance when the weather deviates too far from the norm. As mobile as their god, they travel far, and adventure to counteract weather disruptions caused by heretical agents or when Velnius is too busy.

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