Demi-Power of the Prime Material Plane

Symbol: A necklace of mummified animal feet
Home Plane: Prime Material Plane/Oerth/Hepmonaland
Alignment: Neutral evil (LE)
Portfolio: Nightmares, Fear
Superior: Uvot
Alias: none
Core Worshipers: Touv
Cleric Alignments:
Domains: Destruction, Dream* (CD), Evil, Trickery.
Favored Weapon: (+1 shock javelin)

Description: Vara is the first child of the evil spirit Meyanok, and she considers herself superior to her siblings. She uses her birth-status and her powers to get them to do her bidding. Vara shares her father’s hatred of the other great spirits of the Touv pantheon, and relishes the opportunity to twist their minds. She prefers to be depicted as a Touv woman with stars in her hair and red eyes. The priests of Vara rule through fear and oppression. Those who follow them willingly are people who enjoy making the lives of others miserable. They are tyrants or bullies, often acting as the enforcement agents of a cruel leader. Ceremonial garb includes necklaces of mummified animal feet.

Vara prefers to be depicted as a Touv woman with red eyes and stars in her hair.

Relationships: Vara is the first child of Meyanok, and considers herself to be superior to her younger brother Damaran and younger sister Berna. She uses her status as the eldest to compel them to do her bidding. Like her father, Vara loathes the other Touv gods, and revels in the act of twisting their minds.

Dogma: Vara’s dogma involves inflicting misery, oppression, and terror on all others.

Clergy: Priests and shamans of Vara enforce their control through fear and oppression, though those who enjoy making others miserable sometimes follow them willingly. Vara’s clergy are tyrants and bullies; often they act to enforce the desires of a cruel leader. They have an affinity toward illusions and phantasms. Their favored weapon is the javelin and they may also wield the atl-atl, club, dagger, and short sword. They may wear any nonmetal armor.

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