The Stonewife
Intermediate Deity

Portfolio: Hills, Mountains, Gemstones
Symbol: A mountain with a ruby heart
Alignment: Lawful good
Core Worshipers: Oeridians and Dwarves and Gnomes
Domains: Earth, Good, Law, Liberation* (CD), Mysticism* (CD), Protection, Summoner* (CD).
Favored Weapon(s): Warhammer (m)

Description: Ulaa (OO-lah) is the wife of the Oeridian god Bleredd, but is herself of unknown origin. Built like a dwarven woman but with the facial features of a gnome, she is worshiped by both of those races and humans. Her enchanted hammer Skull Ringer was forged on the same anvil as her husband’s weapon. Earth elementals serve her, she can pass through stone, and can commune with the Oerth Mother. Her holy symbol is a mountain with a ruby heart; she places rubies in the earth as gifts to those who do her husband’s work. “The hills and mountains are sacred and beautiful places, whether on the surface or within tunnels that hole them like veins. Working with stone for any good purpose is a blessed task, but cutting rock out of pure greed or evil intent is an abomination. The greatest gift the earth gives are gemstones, each a tiny part of the earth’s power and beauty reflected a thousand times upon itself.” Ulaa’s clerics live on or in the mountains, protecting them from those who would enter for the sake of greed or evil. They protect their community, root out dens of evil nonhumans, and teach miners and quarrry-men how to spot the best places to work. They act as guides for those passing through their lands, travel to see other stony examples of the earth’s beauty, and abhor slavery.

Ulaa is the patron Power of miners, hillsmen, mountaineers, and quarrymen. She has some following among the demihumans engaged in such tasks, and is often portrayed as a dwarf or gnome. Ulaa can appear as male or female, dwarf, gnome, human, or any other creatures she chooses. All of her guises, however, tend to have dwarf-like proportions and a gnomish visage. She generally accoutres herself with adamantite chain mail with a gem-studded harness. She always carries an enchanted military pick and a hammer of thunderbolts. In her more typical human portrayal, she is shown as a plain-faced, strong, determined woman with skin as hard as stone, clad in chain mail and hefting a military pick and great warhammer. Ulaa’s following is concentrated in hilly rural lands such as the Kron Hills and Flinty Hills. Nearly all her temples are underground. Services include displays of gemstones and fine minerals, rythmic hammering on stone, and chanted hymns.

Ulaa’s Priests
This priesthood is strongly community based. The priests watch over the maintenance of mines and quarries, use spells to ensure the safety of those who work therein, and work with priests of other races. A special note regarding their granted powers: like rangers, priests must choose a racial enemy, typically a hill-dwelling humanoid or giant race (ogres, gnolls, ores, etc.).

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