The Ethereal Walker

Portfolio: Wave Motions
Symbol: A sphere with a simple wave-shape repeating along its circumference
Alignment: Lawful neutral
Core Worshipers: Humans
Domains: Knowledge, Law, Oracle* (CD).
Favored Weapon(s): Spiked chain (e)

Description: Tsolorandril (so-lo-RAND-ril) is a sexless alien being, a native of another plane. How or why it first came to Oerth is unknown, but it frequents the Ethereal plane rather than using a more permanent residence on Oerth or the outer planes. It has few allies save the powerful mortal wizard Elayne Mystica of Irongate, herself an outcast of a lost tribe of Suel refugees. Tsolorandril sees its role as a record keeper, noting the peaks and valleys of natural cycles of politics, time, and nature, then making predications based on those patterns. It appears as a tall androgynous humanoid with very white skin, muted features, and silver-blue hair, carrying a length of metal rope that bends as if it were liquid. Its odd appearance and interest in cycles leads some to think it was sponsored by Cyndor. It symbol is a sphere with a simple wave-shape repeating around its circumference. “Every action causes changes in the world, like ripples spreading across a pond. These changes always have a rise, a peak, and a decline, repeating until stability is reached. By studying the effects of these changes, you can see what will happen in the future as the next peak occurs. Use this knowledge to prevent Chaos from stepping beyond its bounds. Sometimes these ripples begin on one plane and spread to others, causing greater chaos than local events alone could.” Tsolorandril’s clerics work as seers and advisors, using their abilities to predict the outcome of events set into motion by great and terrible deeds. They adventure so they can be closer to people of power who might cause such world-ripples, or to thwart the advances of Chaos. They also study nearby planes and watch people known for plane-travelling or relying upon extraplanar aid.

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