Tribes of the Fellreev Forest

The eastern Fellreev south of the Artonsamay River was a state dominated by humans but with significant numbers of renegade sylvan elves and half-elves. Merry followers of Olidammara, the Greenkeepers escaped the massacre at Steelbone Meadows and withdrew into their corner of the Fellreev. They suffered much from raids by wizards, clerics, and orcs under Iuz. Some hung on, helping, and being helped by the Reyhu-elf alliance across the river. They avoid the plains to the south.

The Major Tribes and Leadership
Tribe of Bim Kreade (CN- male human): Bim and his band are one of the longest running residents of this section of the Fellreev. Fleeing here after the massacre at Steelbone Meadows, his hearty band fought through fiends and orcs before finally coming to rest in this corner of the Fellreev. His band is the most capable from a military standpoint, but they have little skill in forestry, trading, and farming. They subsist almost entirely by raiding Iuz supply trains to the camps north of Fleischriver; as well as the Urzun and Dazark orc encampments.

This tribe currently has no allies – the minor tribes are upset over raids into their territories by Bim and his band. Bim Kreade currently has a death warrant out for him for raids against Iuz supply trains. (Human-90%, Half-Elf-10%)

Tribe of Ondrish Zelweil (NG- male half-elf): Ondrish leads a band of predominantly half-elves, which gives them reasonably close ties to the Sylvan Elves in the Fellreev. While not fully allied, most of the trade between the Defenders of Greenkeep and the Rehyu-Elf alliance happens through this tribe. Baila, Ondrish’s emissary to the Scouts of Clan Fanlareshen, arranges meetings between the two groups, which has helped this tribe adapt well to forest life.

Because of the cooperation of the Sylvan Elves of the Fellreev, this tribe has acquired access to certain spells and skirmishing techniques that have allowed them to hold their own against the frequent raids of Iuz. Ondrish believes that biding their time is the best option and prefers to slowly grow the tribe’s power while staying out of direct sight of the Old One. These actions have not come without cost; Ondrish fields a much smaller force then the other tribes. He must devote a much larger portion of his tribe to food gathering than the others who rely more on raiding. Ondrish’s relationship with the elves has led to some jealousy amongst several of the minor and major houses. On at least one occasion it has erupted into open combat. (Half-Elf-65%, Human-30%, Halfling-5%)

Tribe of Harmene Dolirand (CN- male human): Harmene is first and foremost a survivor. Having fled from Horned Society lands, he has managed to stay one step ahead of those who would see his death. His band are a chaotic bunch that believe in rule through strength. Violent duels for leadership occur frequently and are always fatal to the challenger.

His group is suspected of not only using poison but trading it for goods and services that they need to survive. The tribe sports the largest number of combatants of any of the other tribes, but they are undisciplined and lack the coordination to be anything more than a violent mob – albeit one that can do quite a bit of damage.

Currently Harmene has been trying to coax many of the minor tribes into an alliance by offering them goods aquired in reported successful raids on Jebli orcs. So far, it appears he is having some success. He currently has a loose alliance with all the minor tribes. He has made overtures to Ondrish and Bim but thus far has been turned down. Due to his affiliations with the Horned Society, Harmene also has a Death Warrant out for him if captured. (Human-95%, Half-Orc-5%)

The Minor Tribes and Leadership
Minor Tribe of Budek Zebinnel (CN- male human): Budek Zebinnel is originally from Rookroost. He had a very profitable thieving operation both before and after the occupation. Unfortunately, a disagreement about membership fees, authorized activities and such had him fleeing the city. He’s had to stay one-step ahead of the Rookroost Thieves Guild ever since. Budek has knowledge of the tunnels under Rookroost but avoids using them for fear of being caught by the Guild.

Budek runs a very efficient group of thieves. His band’s reputation is widespread amongst the Defenders of Greenkeep. Lately, he has started branching out into river piracy and has met with some success. Yet this has not caused any conflicts with the Red Planks, but how long this will last, no one knows. Budek Zebinnel has a price on his head from the Rookroost Thieves Guild (50gp). (Human-95%, Half-Elf-4%, Halfling-1%)

Minor Tribe of Svigena Moskene (N- male human): Svigena survived the fall of Capitol in the Duchy of Artonsamay. He once served as officer in the guard and remembers very little of the events surrounding the fall of Capitol. To this day he has no knowledge of how he ended up in the Fellreev or who healed his wounds. Svigena runs a tight ship and regularly sends his men out to attack caravans of Iuz on their way to Fort Skagund. His group has a deep and bitter hatred for Iuz, and his forces and they take every opportunity to harass them. The result is that he has lost almost all those who fled here with him. For this group every battle could be their last. (Human-75%,Half-Elf-15%,Gnome-5%,Dwarf-3%,Elf-2%).

Minor Tribe of Vileem Odrik (CN- male elf): Vileem Odrik was a promising member of the sylvan elves’ community. A respected fighter who was well liked, he fell out of favor after an argument he was involved in lead to the death of several elves. He would have been tried and hung, but Vileem managed to escape with a small group of supporters. He has eked out an existence with the Defenders since then by providing them with valuable training and knowledge of the forest. He maintains his innocence to this day. (Human-50%, Half-Elf 25%, Elf- 25%)

Minor Tribe of Zaneydel Faindek (NE- male human): Zaneydel Faindek comes from the wastes just north of the Fellreev. A former tribal chieftain with the Wolf Nomads, he fled into the Fellreev after surviving an orc ambush that wiped out most of his tribe. He is an excellent cavalryman and maintains the Defenders only source of cavalry and horses (albeit a small one). This tribe has been useful in raids on the plains to the south and in scouting out potential caravans to attack. Zaneydel hates all orcs and half-orcs, seeing them as the reason for his current problems. His tribe has never taken an orc or half-orc alive as a prisoner and they do not get along with Yakoro’s tribe at all. (Human-100%)

Minor Tribe of Yakoro the Maul (NE- male half-orc): Yakoro used to lead a squad of Old Wicked’s forces. After losing a couple caravans to raiders, he found himself unpopular with Cranzer and in fear for his life. For their failures, his unit was to be decimated, so his group decided to flee for the Fellreev. This group is mostly shunned by the other tribes, but Yakoro’s group is almost always used in raiding Iuz’s caravans. Their knowledge of caravan routes, guards, and ability to look like troops of Iuz have proved invaluable. This has allowed them to come to an uneasy truce with most of the other tribes. There is a bitter hatred between this tribe and Zaneydel Faindek’s tribe. At meetings, their members stay far apart. (Half-Orc-85%,Orc-15%)

Defenders of the Greenkeep
Fellreev Forest

Tribes of the Fellreev Forest

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