Trade Town

Tradetown is the center of commerce in Hardby. Lying outside the Great Wall, the quarter is crowded with all manner of merchants’ and artisans’ premises, The merchants occupy Blanket Street, while the artisans cluster by profession in the side alleys. This is a typical busy and bustling district with a wide variety of goods for sale, including exotic items from the four corners of the Flanaess. The amount of traffic that comes through Hardby tends to bring a wider variety of goods than most cities this size.

Shops of all kinds line the streets. In addition to the permanent shops. a broad avenue through the middle of Trade Town is reserved for merchants who prefer open space or cannot afford a shop. A wide variety of people are seen here. Blanket Street fills up every morning with people peddling items stacked on blankets. The militia makes sure that nobody sets up shop against or beyond the stockade wall.

Some merchants and farmers make their homes here, interspersed between shops and stores. One or two adventurers have bought houses here with their booty, using their homes as bases of operation for further excursions into the wilderness. Trade Town is on of the two sections of Hardby that is notable for geothermal springs. The metalworkers have harnessed the heat and power of the springs to facilitate their smelting and craftwork.

13. Blanket Street Market: Blanket Street is the heart of Tradetown, The facades of the myriad shops and emporia that line the street form a pair of continuos arcades along its entire length. Under the shelter of these loggias, itinerant traders are allowed to peddle their wares on brightly colored blankets, from which the street derives its name. On any given day, the street is packed and competition between the peddlers for the best places can be fierce. The crowds suit the local thieves, who throng the area, preying on the incautious and the gullible. One of the shops along Blanket Street is owned by Roban Lannerel (NE female human Cleric of the Earth Dragon L7), a dealer in gems, jewelry, and obscure objets d’art. A wealthy woman, she is known to sponsor expeditions into the Cairn Hills* Abbor-Alz. and Suss Forests to recover unusual items.

14. Office of the Royal Guild of Merchants of Aerdy: In 592 GY, the Royal Guild of Merchants of Aerdy dispatched one of its factors (trade agents). Mirlan Rinshand (LN male human Rogue L10), to Hardby. Rinshand’s task is apparently to pave the way for an opening of sea trade between Ahlissa and Hardby. After rapidly snapping up a fine building in the heart of Tradetown, the factor has since distinguished himself as a valued customer to Hardby’s better drinking and gambling establishments. The agents that both the Trade Council and Retep Mandel have sent to shadow the Ahlissan have concluded that he is a harmless, if flamboyant, drunken fop.

29. The Phoenix: Standing on the southern edge of Tradetown, this tavern is among the most recent and most popular in the district. Over its doors is inscribed the motto: “Here are your waters and your watering place.” Drink and be whole, beyond all confusion." Certainly the many patrons of the Phoenix can attest to the relaxing atmosphere of the inn. The staff is friendly, the ale refreshing and calming, and the banter humorous and good-natured. Brawls and arguments are unheard of Quite bow the barkeep, an Onnwalon exile named Pirraen Vhar (NG female human Sorcerer L5) manages this small miracle in a city renowned for its barroom brawls is unknown, though many suspect that Vhar is some form of enchantress.

Other Locations in Trade Town:
25. The Scriptos of Lirr: A shrine to this lesser power lies in Trade Town, despite the artistic tradition of the East Enders. The High Priestess of this shrine, Terchoria Xalopi (CG female human Cleric of Lirr L6), is one of the organizers of the First Freeday night celebrations, and holds an opening First Freeday ceremony every Planting.

The Adventurers Guild: Not really a guild, the Adventurer’s Guild is one part general store and one part clubhouse. The Guild sells memberships for a platinum piece. Membership allows one to buy and sell goods within the guild. Besides adventuring equipment and reagents, all sorts of treasures and antiquities can be found here as well. The guild also has a wall where jobs for adventurers can be found. Most of the jobs are caravan escorts and the like, but some expeditions to ruins can be found here.

Mercantile: This is a general store where foodstuffs and other standard supplies can be purchased. The prices in the shop are somewhat high, but the quality of the goods are excellent.

Pawn Shop: Owned by an elderly and cantankerous Oeridian man named Skeller (CN male human L0) the pawn shop is one of a number of places where adventurers can sell goods in order to obtain money. The rates are generally poor, but if one is in need of money, this is often one of the few places to go. Rarely, something of value may be found here as well.

Arielle’s Magic Shop: A source for all sorts of spell components and precious reagents, Ariele’s Magic Shop is the finest of its kind south of Chendl. Owned by Arielle Alicante (CG female human Mage L6), sister of the legendary Chispa Alicante, the magic shop does not only stock the standard array of spell components, but also has some prefabricated items required for the more exotic spells (glass cones, brass plaques and the like). Arielle, who learned brewing and potioncraft from her mother, Milagra, also keeps a few lesser potions of healing in stock (6 doses, d4 hp/dose, one dose per day effective) but those move quickly. The prices are high, but the selection of items is peerless in Hardby. Arielle is not a member of any guild.

Herbalist/Apothecary: Operating out of a house front, this apothecary has a wide selection of local herbs and reagents for spellcraft. The owner, L’Tona Xianost (CN female human L0), prides herself on her elixirs and poultices, but their effects are usually questionable. Her prices are more reasonable that Arielle’s, but her customers tend to be superstitious housewives and schoolgirls dabbling in the art for recreation. L’Tona is a member of the Spice Merchants Guild.

Gemcutter: Nogon Rhal (CG male human Fighter L1) trained as a gem cutter in Greyhawk city, but set up shop in Hardby because of the propensity of uncut gems that find their way into town. He tends to purchase uncut gems at ten percent higher than their expected value, but his skill allows him to move most gems at fifteen to twenty percent above their expected cut value. Nogon is a member of the Artisan’s Guild.

Gemcutter/Jeweler: Niko Lasbundesreichstag (NG male human Fighter L6/Illusionist L7) came to Hardby after the wars fascinated with the geothermal springs and steam vents indigenous to the town. Setting up shop as a jeweler and gemcutter, he spends his free time studying the steam vents and as been working closely with the many smiths in town in order to harness the full potential of the springs. He is a member of the Smith’s Guild.

Pottery and Ceramics: This pottery shop sells everything from wine jars and plates to sculptures and tiles. The owners of the pottery shop also offer to teach the art to anyone willing bring a couple of bottles of wine, or some food, to one of their Earthday night classes.

Leatherworker: Specialized in clothing and leather armor, the selection of this leather goods shop is somewhat limited. Business if brisk, however, because the owner is very skilled in repairing damaged leather armor for a reasonable price. In fact a few damaged suits of magical leather armor have been salvaged by the owner, Kyphos Adalat’s (NG male human L0) skilled hand. Kyphos is a member of the Artisan’s Guild.

Tailor/Furrier: A couple of spinster sisters owns this shop. They are willing to purchase pelts from any and all comers, much to the chagrin of the Trappers Guild who are concerned that it encourages posting. As a result of the sister’s policy, they have a rather eclectic selection of some rare creatures’ pelts. In fact, they have part of a blue dragon skin, and an owlbear pelt currently in stock. The sisters are members of the Artisans Guild.

Seamstress: Nelota Pharast (CN female human Mage L3), the seamstress who owns this shop claims to be a distant member of the Pharast clan, but these claims have yet to be substantiated. Nevertheless, Nelota is an excellent seamstress and dressmaker and her repairwork is usually flawless. Nelota is a member of the Artisans Guild.

Weaponsmith: Boasting the finest weapon selection in Hardby, this shop has done business with many adventurers who set out to seek their fortune in the many surrounding ruins. The prices in this shop range from reasonable to extremely high, but the quality is proportional to the price paid. Owned by Ferik Lastar (LN male human Fighter L3) all of the workers in this smithy are, obviously, members of the Smiths Guild.

Blacksmith: Thervidan Ozhabian (LN male human Fighter L1) owns this blacksmith shop. Thervidan offers a wide variety of products including basic swords, spears, arrowheads, horse shoes, barrel hoops, shields and armor. Thervidan also repairs damaged goods for a fair price. He is a member of the Smiths Guild.

The Hardby Armorer: The Hardby Armorer offers a wide selection of armors and shields for adventurers. It is a rather large shop who outfit the Hardby Marines and City Guard. The shop is currently negotiating with Greyhawk to supply armor to the local Greyhawk Infantrymen and Mountaineers. Unfortunately, Greyhawk has been difficult in the negotiations thus far.

Wallak’s Armors: Walak Hammerfist (LG male human Fighter L4) specializes in chain and plate armors and is a true master in his craft. Not only is his armor of excellent quality, his inlays and engravings are exquisite. Wallak has recently crafted beautiful suits of plate armor for the Gynarch’s honor guard. He is a member of both the Smiths Guild and the Artisans Guild.

Goldsmith: Specializing in jewelry and sculpture, Arick Falstog (LN male human L0) has been working in gold for decades. He is a master smelter and buys ore and old coin at fair prices. Arik is a member of the Smiths Guild.

Dwarven Goldsmith: Flint Garlbleck (LN male dwarf Fighter L6) has been living in Hardby for seventy-five years. In addition to working with jewelry, Flint also specializes in gold leafing and inlaying. He is a member of the Smiths Guild.

Silversmith: Eating utensils, cups, sculptures and jewelry and other trinkets can be purchased here for a reasonable price. Allegra Fexoff (NG female human L0) is the Master silversmith, and despite her youth, she is a brilliant artisan. Allegra does not have her own smelting facility and therefore does not purchase silver ore.

Jeweler/Silversmith: Specialized in silver jewelry, this shop is of note in that it was one of the first smithies to move outside the Great Wall many centuries ago. The current owners, Ranek and Bria Cetizine (NG/LG male/female humans L0), are descendants of the founders of this shop and pride themselves on the quality of their product. While Allegra Fexoff’s work is finer, and in all honesty, better quality, the Cetizine’s shop is notable for its reasonable prices, and the purity of their silver. They are master smelters who purchase ore at good prices. The Cetizines are members of the Smiths Guild.

Whitesmith: Pots, plates, utensils and other pewter and tin goods grace the shop’s walls. The selection and prices are fair, but function over form seems to be the credo of the ownership. Torb and Cele Radir (N(G) male/female humans Rogue L2/L0) own this shop and are members of the Smiths Guild.

The Hardby Hive of Bralm: Appropriately constructed in Bralm. This temple is the third largest temple of its kind in the Domain. It is also the weekly meeting place of the Smith’s Guild.

The Crimson Clansman: This inn is one of two of note in Trade Town. While the quality of the inn is average and the food is rather poor, the prices are right, especially if the customer is Suloise. This inn is a front for an underground Scarlet Brotherhood safe house. The Inn is run by Xiagog Modaz (LE male human Assassin L5). Slippery Ketta and members of the Assassin’s guild frequent this establishment. The catacombs can be accessed from here.

The Merchant’s Wayhouse: This is a respectable and reasonably priced establishment. The beds are clean, the tavern fare is good and the price is average. It occasionally has had problems with thieves, but no inn is perfect.

The Worker’s Hive: Most of the smiths and artisans gather here for lunch or a pint at the end of the day. Taking its name in homage to Bralm, the pub sells the finest Honey Mead in Hardby. The owner, Sedona Ragol (LG female human Cleric of Bralm L3) is a priestess of Bralm.

The Blackstone Brewery: Owned by an excellent brewer, Somat Xiaprexa (NG male half-elf Bard L1) the Blackstone offers a wide selection of potables. The prices are slightly high, but worth the price. The food is quite good as well. Somat is a member of the Farmers and Spice Merchants guild.

Moneychanger – Turgel Nadlar (LE male human Rogue L3) is Trade Town’s moneychanger and moneylender. His rates are not the best in town, but he will loan to those who can not go anywhere else for funds. People who have trouble repaying him have been known to meet with accidents.

The Cathedral of the Despotrix, Temple of Wee Jas: This temple is the largest temple in Hardby. It has a large number of priestesses (40) and the largest congregation in Hardby. There are daily services in addition to the weekly and holy day services.

The Shieldhall of Mayahene: A new addition on the outskirts of Trade Town, this temple was built on the ground that was almost dedicated to St. Cuthbert. The Gynarch was able to get guarantees that several powerful high priestesses and paladins would be taking residence in this temple in exchange for a rather substantial land grant. The congregation is small, but the City Guard and Marines attend services on a regular basis.


Trade Town

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