Trade in the North Kingdom

Trade is crucial to North Province, for outside of the Flanmi River basin the land is often poor, stony, and offering low crop yields. Livestock farming dominates most areas, and theft of livestock is a capital offense. Fishing is another major resource North Province possesses, and the whalers of Kaport Bay know all too well that the barbarians of the north could decimate that industry all too easily if they chose. Fish are a vital part of the food supply now. After years of war, the poor farmlands of North Province have been inadequately sewn and harvested and resources of grain and vegetables are low. Without the fish brought in from the east coast, usually salted or pickled, many folk in North Province could starve.

The Adri forest is the remaining economic resource of major importance. Edge Field is a vital city, with many soldiers protecting raiding parties into the Adri seeking game, slaves, and the wood of which most southern and western homes are built. Farther north, there is a fair supply of slate and stone. Even humble farm laborer’s dwellings are usually made of stone in those regions. However, the stone is rarely of exportable quality, and those lands which might need it can find sellers nearer to where they are.

So far as importing foreign goods goes, the supply line from the south – the great Flanmi artery of trade – has dried up beyond Darnagal. Once, even Hepmonaland
silks and spices reached Eastfair by this route, but no one could hope to sail the full length of the Flanmi safely now. Atirr has become the most important supply port for goods from the far south, which has made that city more important politically, as Grenell is only too well aware.

North Kingdom

Trade in the North Kingdom

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