Trade District of Dyvers

The Trade District is one of the newer parts of the city. The first buildings were constructed here a few years after the relocation of the Furyondian capital to Chendl. Broad sections of this district feature shops, restaurants, and taverns, often with the owner living on-site in a small apartment above the business. One section is called the Common Market and is nothing but rows upon rows of tiny wooden booths with colorful awnings reserved for merchants and traders. Other sections have larger buildings, including warehouses, homes, libraries, guildhouses, inns, apartments, temples, theatres, and jails. The more affluent non-nobles of Dyvers make their homes in this district, .including wealthy merchants, retired military officers, adventurers, merchants, and diplomats. The riverfront of the Trade District is mostly clear, with only a few small, private docks and piers. The homes along the waterfront are larger, more grand, and more expensive than in any other part of the lower city. The watch’s presence here is primarily to deter petty crimes during the day.

Notable Locations in the Trade District:

The collection of tents outside the eastern gates of Dyvers is considered part of the Trade District. The city does not allow merchants to assemble outside any other part of the walls, and requires them to pay a small fee for the watch to patrol the area—equal to 5% tariff and a 5% tax on goods sold. When the tent town first began to appear, crime deterred buyers, and so the Magister decided to corral these foreign merchants into one area and generate revenue from them. The fee is less than the cost of renting a booth in the Common Market or buying a storefront, and so the foreigners tolerate it.

Lighthouse Street marks the border between the Trade District and the Docks District. The buildings in that area tend to be a little smaller and more run down than in the rest of the Trade District. Most of the eastern and southern border is the city wall, which extends into the river for nearly a hundred feet, while the Royal Grounds hill defines the southwest corner.


Trade District of Dyvers

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