The Guardian of the Gateway to the Underworld
Intermediate Power of a parallel Prime Material Plane

Symbol: A solar face
Home Plane: a parallel Prime Material Plane
Alignment: Neutral evil
Portfolio: Sun, misfortune
Superior: none
Alias: Nanahuatl
Core Worshipers: Olman
Cleric Alignments:
Domains: Destruction, Evil, Sun, War
Favored Weapon: +1 shortbow

Tonatiuh is the fifth and current Olman sun god. His symbol is a solar face. Tonatiuh also has a lesser aspect and previous incarnation, Nanahuatl, who is the god of misfortune (including poverty, disease, and earthquakes). Tonatiuh is depicted with a face that blazes like the sun, obscuring the rest of his body with his light. As Nanahuatl he is depicted as a wretched-looking dwarf.

Relationships: Tonatiuh slew Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli, a war god known as the Morningstar. Tonatiuh’s herald is a pit fiend. His allies are salamanders, known as xiuhcoatl, “fire serpents” in the Olman language.

Dogma: Tonatiuh is cruel and demanding, refusing to travel across the sky unless he is continually fed with the hearts and blood of humans and deities alike. He teaches his followers that happiness and success in life come only with pain and toil. His worshipers are bid to test their own limits.

Worshipers: Tonatiuh was worshiped on the Isle of Dread, where a stone disc portrays him holding court next to Tezcatlipoca and Quetzalcoatl. There was also an unnamed sun god depicted in the ruins of Tamoachan.

In some Olman communities, Tonatiuh’s role as the defeater of darkness may be subsumed by other deities.

Clergy: Clerics of Tonatiuh may channel positive energy even if they are evil. They perform many precise rituals throughout the day to appease and give strength to their patron. They believe that if these rituals are not performed, the sun will not be able to rise, and the monsters of darkness will claim the world. Tonatiuh expects his clerics to oppose the monstrous creatures of the dark, just as he does in his nightly journey through the underworld.

As with most Olman priests, priests of Tonatiuh must choose a direction to pray to at the beginning of their careers. Clerics of the east wear red, clerics of the south wear yellow, clerics of the west wear black, and clerics of the north wear white.

Tlaloc’s favored weapon is the shortbow.

Temples: Tonatiuh’s temples are built on top of step pyramids, typically alongside temples of Tlaloc. The altars of Tonatiuh’s temples are stained with blood.

Rituals: Tonatiuh demands that the hearts of captured warriors are sacrificed to him on most days in order to give him the strength he needs to make his daily journey across the sky. Soldiers pierce themselves and scatter their blood as a sacrifice for Tonatiuh in the hope that he will grant them strength in battle.

Prayers to Tonatiuh are uttered every sunset. Prayers to Tonatiuh are also spoken begging him for mercy when the sun becomes too hot or other misfortunes strike.

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