Proper Name: City of Thornward, Former Capital of the March of Bissel
Population: 6,000 (11,000 with foreign armies) – Human (BfOS) and various others Languages: Common, Baklunish dialects
Alignment: LE, LG, LN*, N, NG
Religions: Heironeous (former high temple), Zilchus (former high temple), Fharlanghn, Geshtai, Rao, Istus, Mouqol, and various others

Thornward is a sprawling, heavily fortified city with a population of about six thousand, surrounded by numerous army camps (limited in size by treaty), further boosting its total population to about eleven thousand. The caravan and river traffic through Thornward is of staggering size; items are often available here that are found only in much larger cities. The atmosphere in the city is tense and political intrigue is thick, but mercantile activity is nonstop; the city is brightly lit all hours of the night to keep trade moving.

Thornward fell to the Ketite forces in 584 CY, but was freed from full Ketite control in 589 CY. Three years of negotiations resulted in the controversial Thornward Division, by which the city was lost as Bissel’s capital and made a neutral city held and governed in common by Ket, Veluna, Gran March, and Bissel. The eventual recovery of Thornward is a core goal of the current Bissel government.

Reactions to Outsiders: All races are treated normally.

Barony of Thornward Province


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