The Unknown Fate of Rauxes

Many thought Grenell’s rule as “Overking” would be short, as the mad but true Overking Ivid V would never tolerate such blatant presumption. However, a response from Rauxes seemed very slow in coming, and it appears to have never come at all. It is not certain what transpired in the capital of the fallen Great Kingdom; the tales told by adventurers and deserting Aerdy soldiers conflict on many points. Most stories state that an announcement was made in Rauxes in early 586 CY by a high priest of Hextor, declaring that Ivid V was no longer Overking (not dead, just not the Overking). A reason for this was never given; possibly, the disappearance of fiends from nearly all the Flanaess, which occurred just before this, had some connection.

Whatever the cause, the next event was only minutes in coming. The Malachite Throne of Rauxes was open for the taking. A conflict almost immediately broke out in the city between rival nobles, many of them spellcasters and some of them undead. It appears that several contenders magically transported themselves to the city from afar to take advantage of the situation. Perhaps even the animus Duke Szeffrin, who oversaw the destruction of Almor, was in Rauxes, as he was no longer seen in the Almorian Lands after this date.

Eyewitness accounts are few and confused, but most tales indicate the capital was in flames within the hour. Thousands fled as houses were consumed by terrific bursts of magic. A number of reports have filtered back in recent years indicating that Rauxes yet stands, but the city and the lands around it for several leagues are dominated by bizarre and dangerous magical effects. Spellcasting is unpredictable and monsters never seen before inhabit the ruins. (One very dangerous monster is said to resemble a two-headed man.) What became of the people who were not able – or who refused – to flee can only be imagined. The wizard Mordenkainen commented in private that such destruction could only have been brought about by an artifact, and a rift in the planes may have been opened there. (He was furious when his remark was repeated by a hireling and widely circulated.) No reliable adventurers are known to have explored the old capital, so nothing more is known of this matter. Rauxes is still considered a part of the Kingdom of Ahlissa, but its status is complicated (see later).

History of Oerth

The Unknown Fate of Rauxes

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