The Tangles

This forest stands right at the northern fringes of the barrens around the Rift Canyon. Despite standing so close to barren land, the forest is very thick and has very dense undergrowth. However, the wood is of no great size and this fact, together with its impenetrable floor cover and proximity to Riftcrag and the Leering Keeps, means that few bandits have sought to hide out here. There are probably no more than three to four hundred humans in the woods.

However, the Tangles have received some very intriguing visitors of late. Three Furyondian fighter-priests of Trithereon have made their way here using a plane shift spell, and they are training the bandits in guerilla warfare tactics and bringing in supplies of food and weapons. One of the Furyondians also has expert knowledge of forest plants from living in the Vesve and has been able to help the bandits stay alive from the forest flora and the trapping of small animals. The bandits resist conversion to Trithereon’s faith, but they’re glad for any help they can get. The priests have an opportunity for revenge strikes against Iuz with a freedom denied to them in Furyondy itself. This is a strange alliance, but it seems to be working.

How long these people can survive is anyone’s guess. Iuz’s troops are instructed simply to raze the Tangles, using axe and fire to destroy it, although the wood resources are also useful and are shipped to Riftcrag and Hallorn. Oddly, the Tangles regenerates damage very swiftly, so some renewing magic must be at work here, though it cannot keep pace with such pillage for ever. Also, the Tangles hold some lyrannikin, mobats and other dangerous monsters who present an ever-present menace to the human fugitives therein.


The Tangles

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