The Sword & Tankard Inn

The Sword & Tankard Inn is housed in a large, rambling set of stone and wooden buildings near the Adventurers Guildhall. Originally a single building on a corner, the Sword and Tankard has expanded and purchased a few of the adjoining buildings over the years. The first floor of the main building is made of stone and three steps lead down to a stout door from street level.

Through this door lies a large entryway with many pegs of various heights for the hanging of cloaks and outer garments. Steep stairs run up to the next floor to the left while three more steps lead down to the common room on the right. A small counter sits along the back wall of the entryway to see to the needs of those with rooms. An alcove near the stairs to the second level holds a small table with a very thick book containing the names of past guests of the inn, the famous, infamous, and merely unknown.

Walking down the three stairs to the right you find yourself in a large common room. Stairs along the far wall lead up to a balcony that rings this two-story room. There are tables of every description scattered seemingly haphazardly about the ground floor with plenty of space in shadowed corners and alcoves that adventurers seem to love so well. Directly ahead of the entrance lies a large stone fireplace while the left wall it taken up by a long well polished bar of oak. The second story of the Sword (as it is known as to the regulars) is open to the middle of the common room below. It houses a second stone fireplace, directly above other, a small bar stocking mainly a selection of brandy, ports, and pipe weeds, several small comfortable seating areas, and two private meeting rooms. The meeting rooms contain long tables with comfortable chairs and dumbwaiters to the kitchen below.

The rest of the Sword and Tankard Inn houses rooms of all descriptions and size and several fine luxuries.

There are low close rooms under ground level, for the comfort of small folk, to suites of rooms on the third floor. The expansion of the Sword to several of the adjoining buildings has given the inn an almost mazelike quality as the third floor of one building connects to the second of the next. There are also two sets magically heated baths for gentlemen and women and indoor privies on each floor.

A former warrior by the name of Argyle Gannon owns the Sword & Tankard. A stocky middle aged man standing a hair under 6’ tall, Argyle has piercing, green eyes that are often seen glimmering with laughter. He much is given to ruefully bemoaning his advancing age and a receding hairline and talking much about the ’good ole days’. However, other than perhaps a bit of extra weight about the middle, he keeps in fighting trim. Many a rowdy, young warrior that

Argyle has frog marched out of the front door with his large hands locked on the scruff of the neck and wrist can attest to this fact. Argyle brooks no fighting in his tavern or disrespect to his serving maids or staff. Late in the evening, on slow nights he often speaks of his adventures with more candor than the tall tales he tells on normal days. Young adventurers are wise to listen closely on these occasions as Argyle Gannon’s eyes have seen much of the world.

Argyle is sometimes seen behind the bar or in the kitchen, but most often he is conversing with the inn’s patrons who keep him well-informed on local events of import within the city.

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Trade District of Dyvers

The Sword & Tankard Inn

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