The Shuttleford Villages

Among the many small villages and hamlets along the lengthy, winding Flanmi River, High and Low Shuttleford are the largest, with some 1,200 or so folk in each village.

They flourished in the past as folk headed for Loutharn for the markets of the Wind Fair during the first week of Harvester, and coaching inns and taverns sprouted like weeds here. Now, however, the villages are avoided by most. There are two reasons for this.

The first reason is the innate unpleasantness of the people. They seem to revel in clutter and filth; the contents of chamber pots are dumped wherever is convenient, and many people here suffer unpleasant diseases as a result.

Shuttleforders are dishonest, vicious folk. In the past, the landowner of the two villages, Prince Kobasten of Naelax, held this in check by virtual military rule. However, he fell foul of Ivid’s priests. Now an animus, he has fled the lands, and his fate is unknown. The villages thus exist in a state of virtual anarchy, since none of Kobasten’s relatives dares to assume control less the unpredictable animus-prince should return and show displeasure at another assuming his place.

The second reason for shunning these villages is that they have come, by virtue of their lack of rulership, to attract evil and vicious exiles from many Aerdi lands.

Delaric and the Naelax Lands

The Shuttleford Villages

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