The Screaming Valley

This bleak and wretched place is devoid even of insect and bird life; the four-mile-long valley has little but barren rock along its length. It takes its name from a central massif of honeycombed sandstone monoliths half-way along its length. When the wind blows strongly, it whistles through the holes and pipes of the soft stone and generates a wailing, forlorn sound audible for miles around. What this sandstone is doing in the Cairns, the Powers alone know. At least one groaning spirit is said to dwell in the caves that pit the valley sides.

Quicklings have been observed in the caves lining the sides of the valley, and at least one groaning spirit is reported to live in the rift. An aged wyvern nests in the valley and can sometimes be seen circling overhead, hunting for food. Galeb duhr inhabit the great crevasse.

Eighteen years ago, during great storms that caused flash floods in many valleys, the body of an illithid, ritually scarred and stabbed, was washed down from the Screaming Valley, adding greatly to its perceived menace. A solitary wyvern of great age and guile is also said to nest here and, of course, there are the usual tales of rich treasures to be had.

Cairn Hills

The Screaming Valley

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