The River Road

The river is the broad avenue that first gave the Free City of Greyhawk its location, then its commerce, and now its communications line to the rest of the world.

The Selintan River is placid and wide along its entire length. From Greyhawk City south to Woolly Bay, the river follows a deep channel, marked with buoys for much of its length. Though the river is wide and shallow this entire way, the channel is constant and deep enough to allow even fairly large seafaring vessels to forge upstream.

Upstream from the city, only shallow draft vessels can complete the voyage to the Nyr Dyv. However, a significant number of barges and other craft make this journey as well, so the river is busy along its entire length.

The River Road follows the west bank of the river south from the City of Greyhawk, running all the way to the gates of Hardby, on Woolly Bay.

The river is free of threatening fish or monsters, but it offers trout, perch, and, during the runs in spring and autumn, huge schools of salmon. Fishing for food is common practice among those living anywhere near its banks or floating on its surface.

Friendly inns are spaced at no more than five-mile intervals along the River Road. Each inn offers a sturdy pier to which river travelers can lash their craft.

The road fords the Ery River shortly before that waterway joins the Selintan. This ford is a wide gravelly stretch, across which the water flows gently and is rarely more than eight or ten inches deep.

The Selintan can also be forded in two locations, though not so easily. These fords connect the trails leading to Dyvers (in the north) and Narwell (in the south) to the River Road. Each is a well-graveled, smooth crossing of about two-foot depth. These fords become impassable for some hours after periods of rain.

Several ferries connect the two banks of the river at various places along its length. A traveler has a 50% chance of finding a boat waiting at a ferry crossing. Otherwise he faces a wait of 1d100 minutes.

The average cost for crossing is one cp per person, or three cp for a person on a horse. Wagons cost a full sp. Livestock and other unusual loads are negotiated on the spot.

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Selintan River
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The River Road

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