The River Road

River Road, the most important land route into the city, is lined with farms, taverns, stables, inns, and more. Some caravans make a habit of stopping just outside the city to dump any contraband they were carrying (including unwanted stowaways and pests in the wagons), and many small businesses are happy to cater to them at cut-rate prices, which causes great friction with businesses inside the city walls. River Road is well patrolled by groups of light cavalry and trained caravan guards, and residents along the road are known to take up their axes and spears to attack highway robbers. Only a fool or a very stupid monster would make trouble on River Road between Greyhawk and Fordkeep, about a day’s ride to the west-southwest. A series of large caravans can create a long traffic jam at the Highway Gate as sentries check identification papers, have visitors sign the log, look for smuggled goods or banned items, handle complaints, and so on.

The River Road follows the west bank of the river south from the City of Greyhawk, running all the way to the gates of Hardby, on Woolly Bay. The river is free of threatening fish or monsters, but it offers trout, perch, and, during the runs in spring and autumn, huge schools of salmon. Fishing for food is common practice among those living anywhere near its banks or floating on its surface.

Friendly inns are spaced at no more than five-mile intervals along the River Road. Each inn offers a sturdy pier to which river travelers can lash their craft. The road fords the Ery river shortly before that waterway joins the Selintan. This ford is a wide gravelly stretch, across which the water flows gently and is rarely more than eight or ten inches deep.

The Selintan can also be forded in two locations, though not so easily. These fords connect the trails leading to Dyvers (in the north) and Narwell (in the south) to the River Road. Each is a well-graveled, smooth crossing of about two-foot depth. These fords become impassable for some hours after periods of rain. Several ferries connect the two banks of the river at various places along its length.


The River Road

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