The Olven Calendar (OC)

After the Gray Elves last city in the Crystalmists fell, the remnants fled eastward. They, in conjunction with their High Elven and Sylvan kindred, developed the four Elven Kingdoms. The Westernmost of these, the “Realm” of Highfolk in the Yatils and the Vesve was established as a guardian against the Seul and the Drow. This realm was established with the Sylvan elves of the Vesve. Of all the Elven realms, it was the most open to other races, allowing humans, gnomes, halflings and even dwarves to partake of it’s society. The second Kingdom, Celene, was also called the “heart jewel” of Elvendom, High Elves and Gray Elves established this realm. It, alone of the realms, is always ruled by an elven queen. The third Kingdom, Aliador, was established in the Griff Mountains and the plains to the west to the shores of the Nyr Dyv, it is also called the “Lost Kingdom.” This was the Crown of the Elven seat, and was inhabited solely by Gray Elves and their servants. The High King of All Elves had his place here. The Fourth Realm, Arrisa, was established by a council of mages and priests in the southern islands now known as the Spendrifts. It is called “The Secret Realm” and it has been closed for long. Little traffic passes between this realm and the remainder of the Flanaess. And it’s purpose, until recently, has been hidden (even to the other elven Realms).

1 OC Prior to this time, Elves used no calendars. But on this date (which corresponds to 1053 SD/-4462 CY) the Four Elven Realms of the East are founded.

60 OC The Wind Dukes of Aaqa, meet a gathered force of evil humanoids and drow on the Plains of Pesh (in what is now Keoland). This is the last recorded great battle between Elves and their drow cousins. The Dukes shatter the dark elven armies. (1103 SD/-4403 CY)

Between these times the realms flourish, the battles with humanoids are frequent, but the might of each of the realms is unchallenged. This is known as “The Time of Flowering” and much of the best of Elvendom came to pass in these days. The 12 Gray Elven cities were built, including Erieadan, the High Seat of Elvendom and The City of Summer Stars. Many mighty magics, and songs and items of beauty were crafted. The history of this time is largely hidden from humans, however, because there were few (if any) humans in the East at this time. Elves rarely speak of it today. Among the few known personages to have lived during this time were Queen Ehlissa and the Elven Minstrel Ye’Cind.

2210 OC The Flan move into Eastern Oerik. They are welcomed by the Highfolk, but the other kingdoms, remembering the disaster of the helping of the Seul, close their Realms to humans. (3263 SD/-2253 CY)

2312 OC The founding of the first Flan city in the Lortmils “Haradahagh.” This is counted as (3365 SD/1 FT/-2151 CY) 2716 OC One of the small tribes of Flan, the Ur-Flannae, located just west of Aliador send servants as hostage to the Gray elven kingdom, in return for land rights. The 7th High King, Galitholian Glitterhelm, is especially taken by the sharp mind of a young man of promise, named Vecna. Vecna, inspired by the glories of elven splendors, began to study magic. He discovered in the libraries a book from the Seul entitled “The Fate of Tilorop.” He secretly begins to worship Tharizdun. (3769 SD/-1747 CY)

2730 OC Galitholian receives a warning from the mages and priests of Arrisa, his reply is “I am the High King of Elvendom, you would do well to remember that!” (3783 SD/-1733 CY)

2747 OC Vecna asks Galitholian’s permission to visit his homeland. This permission is granted. (3800 SD/ -1716 CY)

2794-2820 OC Vecna marches against Galitholian, bringing back his slaughtered soldiers as an undead hoard. Slowly his alliance of humanoids, undead, and Flanae drive the Gray Elves back to their mountain fastness. (3847 to 3883 SD/-1669 to -1643 CY)

2821-2900 OC Gilthonial’s forces are driven in a lightning strike from the plains west of the Griff’s. Vecna’s forces sweep the central plains east of Nyr Dyv and North, they hold the plains to the feet of the Griff’s. (3848 to 3857 SD/-1642 to -1563 CY)

2906 OC Celene fields an army to assist Galitholian. Although they meet with initial success, Vecna calls on the powers of Tharizdun and unleashes a magical burning force which causes the Bright desert. Many perish and the elven host is thrown into a panic. They retreat to Celene, but Vecna does not advance. His eyes are fixed to the east. (3763 SD/-1557 CY)

2925 OC The first of the Grey Elven mountain cities falls to Vecna’s armies. This is the beginning of the 400 Year War. (3982 SD/-1538 CY)

3242 OC Gilthonial’s armies slowly give way before Vecna, no aid reaches Gilthonial. Vecna’s armies destroy all but five Grey Elven cities in the Griff Mts. (4299 SD/-1221 CY)

3309-3315 OC Gilthonial left his capitol with the host of that city. He marched against Vecna and drove him from the mountains. But once in the plains, Vecna revealed a new weapon, a black sword forged of material from the stars. Vecna met Gilthonial in single combat and slew him. The army of Vecna then destroyed the elven host, and marched into the mountains. They inhabited and defaced the elven cities, remaking them in the image of Vecna. Four cities, however, were never found. The capital, Erieadan, the height of Gray elven architecture and power, was destroyed to a stone. So ended the Elven Kingdom of Aliador, the seat of the High King. (4362 to 4368 SD/-1154 CY to -1148 CY)

3318 OC The City of Summer Stars defends itself from Vecna’s incursions. But the city is abandoned after Prince Darnakurian turns to darkness. Queen Sharafere and the remnant of her people head to the islands in the south. (4371 SD/-1145 CY)

3321 OC Vecna’s body is destroyed. Despite this, the three remaining hidden Gray Elven cities of Aliador do not reveal themselves. (4374 SD/-1142 CY)

3325 OC Envoys from Celene are sent to contact the three hidden cities of Aliador, they do not return. This is the beginning of “The Sleeping Years”. The Elven Realms do not communicate with outsiders and rarely with each other. (4378 SD/-1138 CY)

3900 OC A temple to Tharizdun is located near the Realm of the Highfolk, it is cleared, but a mystic force keeps it from being destroyed. (4957 SD/-563 CY)

4005 OC Migrations of Oerid tribesmen. Elves close their Realms to humans. (5058 SD/-458 CY)

4923 OC The demi-human Ulek realms are effected. Celene reveals itself. (5976 SD/460 CY)

5048 OC The realm of Arrisa reclaims Lendore Island, elves from the Flanaess began to migrate to Arrisa in large numbers. (6099 SD/584 CY)

Nature: The Elven histories, of all the demi-humans, touch more upon human history that any other; that is why their history is included. The two major interactions between Elves and Humans has led to great sorrow. For it is the magic of the Grey Elves which gave rise to the often hateful Seul empire and later to Vecna the Cruel. The haughtiness and magic nature which is natural to some elves as the Elder does not sit well upon the shoulders of the Younger. Despite this, the Elves have created great beauty, and their wisdom and magic, in part, is now integrally entwined with that of the human realms of Oerik.

(This Olven history is by Steven Wilson, based on the work of Gary Gygax and World of Greyhawk (TSR) with additional material from Vecna Lives (WGA4), Ivid the Undying (TSR by Carl Sargent), and The Dungeon Master’s Guide, 1 ed. (TSR)).

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The Olven Calendar (OC)

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