The Oerid Reckoning (OR)

-1624 OR The years of Conquest and Prosperity begin. No major foe opposes the might of the empire of the Seuloise, although they do not push Eastward, because of some fear of the Elven hosts. Magic is rigorously pursued. And old Grey Elven texts are discovered and studied. The might and haughtiness of the Elves is copied in manner in the courts, but their wisdom is not. Slavery becomes common and widespread in the Seuloise lands; this continues for many centuries. The Flan in the southeast (just west of the Hellfurnaces), the Oerid to the east, the Kersi (the long distant descendants of those who first sailed from AnaKeri) to the south, and the Baklun to the north, and several unnamed small tribes to the west all fall under the grip of the Seuloise fist. The entire of the western half of Oerik, is controlled by the Seul. But the drow and darker forces halt the eastern expansion. The Oerid are the most oppressed of all Seul subjects. It is believed that Seul priests have foreseen greatness in these people which rivals that of the Seuloise (3247 SD/-2269 CY)

-437 OR The “god” Zinkman is not accepted by the Oeridian tribes to the north and west of the empire. Zinkman attacks the surprised Oeridian tribes destroying three of the thirteen that exist. The Oeridians are forced to bow to Zinkman. The Aerdy (the chief of the tribe of that name) refuses, and challenges Zinkman in a duel to the death. Zinkman accepts, but finds that he is battling none other than St. Cuthbert, himself. Cuthbert reduces Zinkman to a babbling, drooling idiot. (4434 SD/-1082 CY)

-237 OR High Priest Arnd of Tdon forges the first chain link mail shirt to honor the anniversary of the victory of Cuthbert over Zinkman. The shirt is called The Invulnerable Coat of Arnd. (4634 SD/-882 CY)

-3 OR High Priestess Johydee tricks evil powers into making her Mask. (4868 SD/-648 CY)

1 OR After repeated attempts by both the Seul and Bakluni to regain control of the Oeridian tribes, Johydee breaks the Oeridians away from the control of the Seul. The tribes swear the Oath of Unity. This oath places allows for the common defense of Oeridian tribes under one War Leader, the First War Leader (styled Herzog) is Chenil of Aerdy. (4871 SD/-644 CY)

187 OR Heeding their prophets, many Oeridian families began moving eastward, coming into contact and conflict with the Flanae. (5058 SD/-459 CY)

198 OR Zellifar-ad-Zol, son of the emperor, mage/high priest of Beltar, breaks with his father and takes over 8,000 Seuloise loyal to himself, and flees the kingdom, eastward. The ferocity and magical might of the movement scatters the Oeridians in it’s path, causing the remainder of the Oeridian to migrate. One of the High Mages, Slerotin (called “the Last High Mage” by the rebellious Zolite Seul who settle in the south of the Flanaess, and the continent of Hepmon), causes a huge tunnel to be bored into the Crystalmists, through which the Zolite Seul flee. He then seals the tunnel closed at both ends, trapping one lesser branch of the family, the Lerara, inside. The Zolites continue eastward. (5069 SD/-447 CY)

200 OR -212 OR The Zolite scatter the Flanae before them, and move south to the Tilvanot Peninsula. Zellifar carries with him two of the lesser Binders and the imprisoned Genie King. The three pursuing houses, unable to find the magical tunnel, turn north, where they are met by regrouped Oeridians and fearful Flanae who harry and drive these Seul Houses south. Many are lost and remain in the Amedio Jungle. They eventually move back east and march toward what is now the Rift Canyon. (5071 SD to 5093 SD/-445 CY to -433 CY)

250 OR Baron Lum establishes the first Oeridian kingdom in the Flanaess. He, aided by his very able general Leuk-O, uses two very powerful items to defeat all who oppose him.(5121 SD/-395 CY)

293 OR Tuerny the Merciless establishes his Oeridian realm in the Flanaess. (5164 SD/-352 CY).

301 OR The first recorded appearance of Baba Yaga’s Hut. (5172 SD/-334 CY)


This age is primarily marked by the ascendancy of humanity in the Flanaess and the (re)discovery of continents. It is a time of great magics and the foundation of mages not as state or family controlled beings, but as individuals free to experiment, learn and explore on their own. It is also a time when powers and demi-powers take an active role in Oerth’s history. In one case, one greater power even changes the fate of all living beings on the planet. It is a time of struggle, a time of shifting balances, and a time of hope.

315 OR The Isles of Woe, a small Aerdian enclave ruled by Wizard Priests (led by Yagrax), sink into the Nyr Dyv. (5186 SD/-330 CY)

330 OR The City of Jurnre is built. (5201 SD/-315 CY)

428 OR Founding of the Kingdom of Aerdy. For the next 100 years Aerdy absorbs other Oeridian states to the west. (5299 SD/-217 CY)

535 OR Battle of a Fortnight’s Length. (5406 SD/-110 CY)

578 OR Tzunk the Archmage disappears. (-67 CY)

645 OR Crowning of Overking in Rauxes. The Oeridian Reckoning Calendar (OR) is replaced by the Common Year Calendar (CY) throughout the Flanaess. (5516 SD/1 CY)

Nature: The Oeridian peoples rose from an extended time of enslavement to the pre-eminent position on Oerik, and Aqauria. As a people, the Oeridians were more of a military state from their earliest times. Although initially nomadic and tribal, their movement to a cosmopolitan monarchical system was rapid (beginning with individuals like Lum and Tuerny). They resemble the Feudal Germanic systems found in France, Germany and England, and are strongly hierarchical by nature. However, there is great flexibility in how a particular hierarchy is established and carried out. At the height of its power, the Kingdom of Aerdy spanned most of the Flanaess (with the exception of the southwestern Oeridian Kingdom of Keoland).

(This history Oeridian History is by Steven B. Wilson and based on the work of Gary Gygax and World of Greyhawk (TSR) with additional material from Vecna Lives (WGA4) and The Dungeon Master’s Guide, 1 ed. (TSR)).

History of Oerth

The Oerid Reckoning (OR)

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