The Lands of Almor Return to Nyrond

After several months and still no reappearance of the Duke, in Growfest 587 CY King Lynwerd proclaimed the lands west of the Harp River a protectorate of Nyrond. Three of Nyrond’s Legions are dispatched to hunt down the remaining armies of Duke Szeffrin and bring peace to the war torn lands of Almor. Much initial success is had; within one season Bloodcrystal, Duke Szeffrin’s seat of power, is liberated. The Fourth Legion headed south to Onyxgate, only to mysteriously disappear. The Third Legion is posted throughout Northern Almor and down the Harp River, where they are focused on building a long series of outposts to protect from the potential and looming threat of Ahlissa. The First Legion is posted along the coastal areas of Almor and in support of the Navy.

The Council of Almor was destroyed by Duke Szeffrin and has yet to form again. The various political powers of the Council that were fortunate enough to not be in Chathold when Duke Szeffrin arrived had fled to different regions or went into hiding, helping where they could. Many of the Heironeans, including the retired Prelate Anarkin made their way north to the Principality of Innspa. The Pholtans headed west into Nyrond, and have since re-formed as the Church of the Bright Path, returning with a stalwart mission to revive and help the surviving lands and folk of Almor. Some Pelorians stayed in Nyrond, others went with the followers of Zilchus and Rao to Goldbolt in Ahlissa.

Most the folk of Almor have welcomed Nyrond, although there is a subversive tide among the old Nobles known as the Almor Freedom Movement. The movement exists with declared intentions to return Almor to its sovereign independence (even from the Ecumenical Council of Almor).

In 591CY King Lynwerd declared a homesteading policy in the Duchy of Almor, encouraging Nyrondese citizens to migrate south and re-settle the wasted lands. This has polarized the anti-Nyrond sentiment, although the original Almorian’s are finding they are less and less unique over time.

The Former Lands of Almor

The Lands of Almor Return to Nyrond

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