The Great Wall and Lighthouses of Hardby

The Great Wall: The Great Wall of Hardby divides the North End and waterfront districts from the newer sections of Hardby. The Great Wall is twenty feet high and five feet wide, with battlements atop it. The wall is largely made of stone, but the western face is covered by hardwood that has allowed it to have the appearance of the original wall that was built centuries ago.

The Guard Towers: Twenty-two thirty-foot high guard towers are scattered throughout the Great Wall. Three city guards stand watch in each tower, and in addition, an officer stands watch with them at each of the towers that are adjacent to the gates between the dock district and east Hardby.

The Lighthouses: The four lighthouses that stud the coast of Hardby stand sixty feet high and light up the shoals and rocks that can be hazardous for incoming ships. The lighthouses use mirrors, large lenses and continual light spells to generate their illumination. Members of the Longshoreman’s Guild and Sailor’s Guild share the responsibility to maintain and run the lighthouse, alternating duty every month. For the most part their rivalry has lead to excellent upkeep and very rare shipwrecks, but it has not been unheard of for an occasional rival fisher boat to be found wrecked at the end of a given month.

The towers have been painted indifferent fashions to be more identifiable from a distance. The right and left towers on the bay are painted half white (toward the open water) and half black. The other two are decorated with three rings and three diamonds respectively.

A Guide to the Streets of Hardby

The Great Wall and Lighthouses of Hardby

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