The Furyondian Borderlands

Iuz’s forces occupy a chunk of what was northern Furyondy before the wars, including the towns of Crockport and Grabford. These lands are now awash with armies. The border shown has a mile-wide “no-man’s land” on either side, where forces from neither side venture unless they are intent on a raid into the territory of the other.

The Flare Line: This is a great highway along which supplies and large patrols and warbands move constantly from one defensive installation to another. Along the road, major earthworks and other defensive barriers are constantly being constructed and strengthened.

Settlements and Locations in the Furyondian Borderlands:

Settlements and Locations Across the Border:

Forces from both sides are not at war here. Rather, each side makes occasional forays into the lands of the other, with a suitable excuse, such as rescuing a captured person of note, a preemptive attack against what could be seen as a preparation for war, reprisal attacks, and so on. Such strikes are almost always conducted by relatively small numbers of troops, since neither side wishes to risk too much. However, there are rogue elements on each side. Furyondy’s northern borderlands include priests, warriors and followers of Trithereon who seek revenge and recovery of lost land. They may be part of, or sponsor, groups of adventurers of middling experience levels who conduct swift, surgical strikes at targets in Iuz’s domain. Likewise, Crockport and Grabford are now home to renegade fiends and evil mercenaries and adventurers who may conduct similar operations in Furyondy.

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Empire of Iuz

The Furyondian Borderlands

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