The Folk of Almor

The people of Almor have many roots, but are primarily humans of Flan and Oeridian heritage. The distinction of Nehron Oeridian or Aerdy Oeridian has become lost over the years, and they instead just consider themselves to be Almorian. Of these folk, those that remain are some of the most hardy and capable around, having weathered the storm and occupation of Duke Szeffrin followed by renegade humanoids and worse from his collapsing armies, let alone the shifting Badlands and what manages to crawl forth from them. The people tend to be wary of strangers, but once a person proves their trustworthiness they are welcomed, if not immediately given a job in fixing and reclaiming their ravaged but beloved homeland. While the two occupying Legions from Nyrond are a welcome sight, the land of Almor is vast and the companies are taxed to the extreme. As other refugees flood into Nyrond from the depredations of Iuz in the northwest, they are often sent south to Almor where they are welcomed with sympathetic and open arms. This is also assisted by a current policy of Homesteading in Almor.

The Almorian society is complex, tracing much of its nuances to the original Flan and Ur-Flan of the area. This is most prevalent in the foods of Almor, which are highly spiced using many of the local peppers and other unique herbs of the region.

The noble lines of Almor have become a bit confusing. Originally the lands were given to the Noble Cranden’s of the Aerdy tribe, dispossessing all of the occupying Nehron lords. Most of the current nobles can trace their lineage into the Cranden line fairly directly, and often also have roots into the Nehron lords. As the Ecumenical council grew in strength, more and more land was granted to the various churches, diffusing the power of the original Nobles. King Lynwerd of Nyrond has not yet made clear his own views of the Noble’s titles.

While some of the old Almorian landholders (both blooded nobility and religious Sees) have tentatively retained their holdings, few titles have been re-affirmed. This has caused a growing unrest among those nobles who remain, causing many to consider an interest in the Almor Freedom Movement. This movement has found less interest in the common folk, and is primarily a quiet force within the old Noble houses of Almor.

Humans are the most common race in Almor, but others also have a place. Halflings have their usual presence, and there used to be a large community of gnomes in Chathold. Elves are less common, although many Half-Elves have found acceptance in the region from people needing help wherever it can be found. Half-Orcs are one race that is generally treated with great disdain. Much of Duke Szeffrin’s army was composed of Orcs, and their marauding and senseless violence is still a sore wound to many Almorian’s. However, a Half-Orc who can overcome the cold glares, refusal of service and other bigotry to prove their worth is often finally accepted as well, and there are a handful of Half-Orcs who have managed to make a home for themselves in Almor.

Among the humans there are some who are distinctly Flan, being able to trace their roots in Almor back for centuries. These Flan live side by side with Oeridian’s, but many still preserve their original cultural heritage. Some pass on their secret skills of stone carving, teaching no outsiders. These Flan also have an interesting language of whistles known as Silberi. This language developed over time as a means of communicating over distances in the northern hollows, and is still commonly used by the Flan rangers residing in the area. Somebody well versed in Silberi can carry out a conversation up to one or two miles away, if the proper conditions exist. Of course, this conversation is not very private, unless nobody else understands the language.

The Former Lands of Almor

The Folk of Almor

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