The Ebbfields

The East End of Hardby is also know as the Ebbfields. This district was originally the province of Hardby’s moneyed classes, who built walled estates and villas outside the Great Wall to escape the crowding and stench of the Old Town. Sections nearest to the old city wall are made of stone, well maintained and attractive. It is a very green area that has some of the finest architecture in Hardby. There are several parks, private walled-estates and courtyards with sculptures and gardens.

Later, as the population of the city grew, middle-ranking artisans and craftsmen spilled into the Ebbfields, building their half-timbered houses to the east of the old stone-built villas. Bards perform in the streets of this quarter. The exquisite public buildings are surrounded by the homes of the more wealthy merchants and entertainers of Hardby. In recent years, pressure for living space inside the Great Wall has been so great that even the poorest laborers have been forced out into ramshackle cottages and huts on the eastern verges of town. The older parts of die Ebbfields are very pleasant with broad, well-paved, leafy streets and even die more down-at-heel parts nowhere approach the squalor of similar districts in Greyhawk City. The Ebbfields district hosts residences of merchants, militia and marine officers, and minor nobles. Some of the members of the Gynarch’s court, and all of the ambassadors to Hardby, live in this quarter.

As the streets go eastward, the buildings become plainer, built of half stone, half timber and wattle, but they are still firmly middle-class. On the eastern outskirts, the wooden buildings are dilapidated and not well cared for. This region is almost a slum, but the council works hard to maintain minimum standards for upkeep. Beyond the stockade walls, the few shacks give way to small farms.

15. Mistress of the Coach Inn: The Mistress of the Coach is widely considered the best inn in the Ebbfields, if not in the entire city. It caters to an exclusive clientele — high-ranking local officials, members of the Gynarchy, military officers, and wealthy priests, merchants and adventurers. Set around four sides of a courtyard, the building was once the townhouse of a rich merchant, and it retains much of its original extravagant ornamentation. The Mistress is very expensive, and formal dress that prohibits functional armor and weapons is a prerequisite for entry. No one is permitted to violate this code no matter how much money a boorish would-be patron waves around. However, the rooms are extremely luxurious, the food sumptuous and exotic, and the wine cellar without compare in the city.

16. Berei’s Bounty: In contrast to the ostentation of the Mistress of the Coach, Berei’s Bounty is a plain, sturdy, low-priced inn in the east of the Ebbfields. Berei’s Bounty decorated with shafts of wheat. welcomes all comers, even those with no money to pay for rooms, who may spend the night on the hard-packed earthen floor of the common room. The inn is exceptionally welcoming and homey thanks to the efforts of the proprietor, Shilauna Merylann (NG female human Cleric of Berei L6) a priestess of Berei who took her father’s place when he died. At her direction, the walls of the common room are decked with sheaves of freshly cut wheat every autumn, while a shrine to the Hearth Mother stands above the ornately carved granite mantel of the inn’s fireplace.

17. Order of the Throne of Wood Chapterhouse: This well-appointed walled estate sprawls in the shadow of the Great Walk The Order of the Throne of Wood is a female-only society dedicated to furthering the cause of womankind in the Flanaess as a whole and Hardby in particular. Founded early in Hardby’s history, the Order was originally called the Yevas Yal’Akoshen (Ancient Suloise: “Order of True Womanhood”), The current, less politically provocative name was adopted after the Merchants’ Coup. The Order counts most, if not all, of the Gynarchy among its members, as well as many of Hardby’s female judges, clergy, mages* and warriors. The Order has a fairly loose and informal structure, though members are bound to render what aid they can to other members and to strive for the rights of the “superior sex,” Nominally devoted to Ehlonna, the Order also includes many followers of Wee |as (especially among magically inclined members) and Mayaheine.

18. Redoubt of the Shield Maiden: After her conversion during the Greyhawk Wars. Deirdre Longland donated a townhouse belonging to her family to the Shield Maiden. A small chapel was quickly consecrated on the grounds. However, the rapid burgeoning of the faith in Hardby and generous donations from the Gynarchs have allowed the clergy to lay plans for a grand cathedral to Mayaheine on the site, set to rival the High Chapel in its grandeur. Construction has already begun, but is likely to take many years to complete.

30. Temple of Zodal: Though adorned with a crude symbol of the god of mercy, hope, and benevolence, this now derelict building is not actually consecrated to Zodal. The woman who dwelt here posed as a priest of the Gray Son, dispensing healing and herbal salves and remedies* In the spring of 593 CY one of her concoctions led to the poisoning of several members of a local family. The woman, Ezoela (CG female human Commoner L4) (or "Zoe,’’ as she was more commonly known), fled her house before a mob of angry locals ransacked the place. This young, barely educated woman sells foul-smelling (but powerless) potions, ointments, and salves to cure all ills. Though she does it for the money, her intentions are good. She directs anyone who appears to need true healing to the temple of Pelor in North End. Rumors are rife that Ezoela is an agent of the Scarlet Brotherhood or a cultist of Incabulos, Syrul, or some other evil deity. A price of 100 gp has been placed on her head.

Other Locations in the Ebbfields:
Courthouse: The Courthouse is a very large building that holds the courtrooms and the offices of the judges and barristers. Justice is swiftly and efficiently performed by the five judges who hear cases. All death sentences have to be approved by the Gynarch before being completed.

Town Hall: The Town Hall is a large meeting place where the guildmasters meet and the Gynarch meets audiences on the rare occasion that she holds court in Hardby.

Library: The former Gynarch’s tower, built by Karelia Laandral, and contains the meticulous historical records of the town, including several late Gynarch’s private journals. It also contains great works of literature, sacred and arcane texts, and secured in what was Karelia Laandral’s private study, some rare and precious spellbooks. Customarily, only the Gynarch has open access to this warded chamber.

The East End Playhouse: The East End Playhouse attracts a different crowd than the North End Playhouse. The Master Playwright, Marya Athelvanova (CG male human Bard L10) believes that strong writing and acting are the hallmark of theatre. Her plays are excellent, the acting better, but Marya does not use magic to enhance her shows. While some call her old fashioned, the current Gynarch has yet to miss an opening of one of her plays.

The Merchant’s Bazaar: This cluster of kiosks, tents and tables is the centerpiece of the Hardby merchant community. Organized by the Council of Guildmasters, native and foreign merchants alike trade their wares here. The cost of renting a Kiosk is 1% of the merchant’s gross, 2% if the merchant is not a citizen of Hardby. A wide variety of goods can be found here, including foodstuffs, spices, jewelry, artwork, clothing and leather goods. A small selection of weapons and armor might be found here on occasion.

Temple of the Whispered Muse, Church of Lydia: Frequented by the many bards and artists in East Town, the Temple of the Whispered Muse is more than a place to find divine inspiration, it is also a meeting place where the many artisans of Hardby get together to share ideas and lend each other support.

The Golden Harp: This East End Inn is the home to many traveling minstrels and storytellers. A good number of visiting merchants stay here as it is adjacent to the Merchant’s Bazaar. Its rooms are clean, but spartan. The prices are about one and a half times the normal rate. The tavern is large and usually has excellent entertainment every night.

The Plough and the Stars: This rather fine inn lies on the far eastern end of Hardby. The owner, a retired alchemist named Padraig Astor (CG male human Mager L6) loves a good story and gives a discounted rate to adventurers. On more than one occasion, Padraig has tried to fix up one of his barmaids with a handsome adventurer.

The Broken Lute: This pub, like all of the watering holes in East End, has excellent entertainment. The Broken Lute is notable in that its bartenders and barmaids are all aspiring entertainers who haven’t been able to earn a living in the arts. They provide most of the entertainment, though not all of it comes off as well as they’d like.

The Hanging Orc: The haunt of judges, politicians and barristers, The Hanging Orc is a relatively quiet pub where one can drink and be entertained by the arguments and debates of the politicians.

Moneychanger: As Hardby is located very close to the ruins of the domain, adventurers return with gems and ancient coins from the tombs that they have plundered. Chokar Yellowstone (LN male dwarf Fighter L7) specializes in appraising gems and ancient coin and trades Domain currency for it. Chokar gives reasonable rates and is known for his honesty.

The East End Furrier: The East End Furrier specializes in rather fine coats, capes and hats. The furrier, Karmel Mul (NG female human L0) will even add trim to finery brought into the store. Karmel is a member of the Trappers’ Guild. The prices are high, but the craftmanship is excellent.


The Ebbfields

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