The Azure Sea

The Azure Sea is truly a vast body of water. It stretches from the Hold of the Sea Princes in the west to Idee in the east. Always responsible for carrying much of the sea-borne trade between the west and the central nations buccaneers, free-booters and privateers have traditionally been common here. Dominated solely by the Brotherhood after the Greyhawk Wars, traders were technically free to travel as they wished here.

Pirates of the Gearnat and Azure Seas

Traders used to stick to the coasts of the Iron League states during their travels but, few now take the risk, as sea monsters, always common in the past, seem to be more plentiful now. With the freeing of Idee (now the Principality of Naerie) and the rebellion in Onnwal trade here is again beginning to grow. To the south lie the Amedio and Hepmonaland jungles. The Densac Gulf is thought to open into a vast, uncharted ocean, which stretches well into Lower Oerth. The only portions of that ocean even partially known is the area around Hepmonland, which a Rel Astran caravel proved was navigable by arriving in Hardby in 590 CY claiming to have circumnavigated the southern tip of Hepmonaland.

The Azure Coast

The Azure Sea

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