The Azure Coast

The Azure Coast is considered the most pleasant of Onnwal’s four provinces; particularly by its inhabitants, who are not afraid to share their opinion with others. Though rocky cliffs rear from in the sea in the west and the Headlands march into the sea in the form of the Kurst Islands in the east, the coastline between is low lying, with many beaches, saltmarshes and lagoons. The land generally slopes down from the Headlands to the sea, the exception being in the west where the coastal ridges of the Storm Coast spill south in to the Cantred of Gullhaven. Well-watered and lush from the abundant summer rains, which the winds carry in from the Azure Sea, the Azure Coast has more exotic and tropical vegetation than other parts of Onnwal.

The Houses of the Azure Coast:
Great House Cadwale of Onnwal
House Dernaster of Onnwal
House Kelldas of Onnwal

Azurond, Cantred of; Haylind
Baldrenn, Cantred of; Baldrenn
Fallnos Vale, Cantred of; Kennar’s Crossing, Baron Joren Kelldas
Gavelenn, Cantred of; Gavelenn
Iron March, Cantred of; Kurstand, extinct
Longbridge, Cantred of; Longbridge, Lord Gellen Cadwale

Locations and Settlements on the Azure Coast

The valleys of the Fallnos and the Silverstream are both fertile and there is much arable agriculture here – maize and sugar cane being the main crops. Yornal is distilled around Longbridge. Away from the rivers, orchards abound, with olives, citrus fruits and other soft fruits growing in abundance. Along the lagoons of the central coast – salt harvesting is a major industry as is fishing in the rich waters of the Azure. Pearl fishing is a major source of wealth in the western coast – around Longbridge.

In the east, steep, half-drowned peaks of the Headlands poke their heads above the water to form the Kurst Islands. In the past, this maze of small rocky isles was a haven for pirates and others seeking sanctuary from civilization – for whatever reason.

Trade, both maritime and along the Scant-Irongate road, was important in the past. With the upheavals of the Wars and the occupation, this has largely dried up. A trickle of trade is now beginning between Longbridge and Irongate.


The Azure Coast

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