The Almorian Borderlands of Nyrond

These are the most dangerous lands in all of Nyrond. Along the eastern border from Relmor Bay to Kurast’s Tower at the source of the Flessern river, Nyrond has no less than 25,000 men under arms. Beyond a mile wide no man’s land lie the ruins of Almor, now the fief of Duke Szeffrin, a creature of implacable evil.

This entire swathe of Nyrondese land is a huge army camp, and the rural people here are all organized into peasant levies. Most people here fought in the Almor campaign against the Overking and have seen the evils still stalking Almor, or heard tales of such from those they trust.

In these lands at least, people will not hear ill of the king. Everyone is too fearful of the king’s fall. Should there be turmoil in Rel Mord, these folk are right in the firing line. “My country (and king) right or wrong” would be a fitting motto to sum up the attitudes of people here. They do, however, by and large hold the commanding generals, Younard and Basmajenn, in

In these borderlands, there is a lot of skirmishing. The Pact of Greyhawk negotiated a border here for Nyrond and Aerdi, but the Overking, whose representative signed the treaty, has no power here. Szeffrin, and the chaotic goblinoids and fiends who alIy with and serve him, act by their own tights. This is why Nyrond is forced to maintain a large army here.

For adventurers seeking violent combat action on the front, this is the place to be. Notable locations include:

The Former Lands of Almor

The Almorian Borderlands of Nyrond

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