The Dark God, He of Eternal Darkness
Intermediate Deity

Portfolio: Eternal Darkness, Decay, Entropy, Malign Knowledge, Insanity
Symbol: A dark spiral or inverted pyramid
Alignment: Neutral evil
Core Worshipers: Humans
Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Dream* (CD), Evil, Force* (CD), Knowledge, Madness* (CD), Rune* (Ss).
Favored Weapon(s): Dagger

Special Notes: Divine spellcasters cannot prepare or cast spells unless they are in contact or close proximity to an object or site imbued with some of Tharizdun’s power or enabled in some magical way to connect to their deity in some fashion. This is because of Tharizdun’s imprisonment by the other deities.

Description: Tharizdun (tha-RIZ-dun) is an old and evil god of uncertain origin, imprisoned by the concerted effort of all of the gods. He has not been heard from in over one thousand years. If freed, it is said that the gods would again unite to lock him away, for he wishes no less than to unravel the fabric of the universe. Sites keyed to him still exist, and his relics still hold power. Although no true depictions of him remain, he is thought to be an utterly black entity without a solid form, leaving cold, decay, and insanity in his wake. His modern worshipers (such as the Scarlet Brotherhood, many say) carry a symbol of a dark spiral or inverted pyramid. “Light must be snuffed, perfection decayed, order dissolved, and minds fragmented.” All sorts of evil are described in the few remaining texts – foul rituals of sacrifice, destruction, and horrors from beyond the world unleashed upon the innocent. The current teachings of this faith revolve around the number three, the discovery of items relating to his power (keys to contacting him), and the means to free him from his confinement. Many of his clerics are mad. The rest are deluded enough to think that his release will grant them privilege when he remakes the world. They are very secretive and learn to trust only other members of the cult. They conduct bizarre rituals and explore ancient sites for keys to his chains. Because of their god’s imprisonment, his clerics must be in contact with an object or site imbued with some of Tharizdun’s power to prepare or cast spells. Clerics of Tharizdun wear black or violet robes. They carry an obex – a symbol that resembles a black, angular, inverted two-step pyramid. The leaders of Tharizdun’s cult are called doom-dreamers. They dress in violet robes and wear spiked helmets that conceal their faces.

Tharizdun is a deity involved with the manipulation of cosmic forces to bring about vast destruction. He is a deity of chaos, evil, and madness

The deity Tharizdun is a being of pure destructive force, of cold, conclusive obliteration and utterly evil nihilism. So terrible is he that in eons past, all the other deities banded together against him. But even their combined might was insufficient to destroy him, and they were forced merely to banish him to a special prison plane.

Even so, separated from the Material Plane and stricken from all official histories of existence, Tharizdun still influences the life of the occasional mortal. His cult is small but fanatically devoted. Coming to them in mysterious and mind-wrenching dreams, the deity imparts his dark will to his followers. The goal of Tharizdun’s clerics is to channel enough power to their dread master so that he can free himself from his prison. This, of course, will spell the utter end of the world, and so this faith appeals only to the completely insane.

Two schemes to accomplish this grand task have dominated the activities of the cult. First, they seek to recover lost shines and artifacts devoted to their deity. In reestablishing his places of worship and wielding the dark devices consecrated in his name, they increase Tharizdun’s power. Second, following advice gained in soul-bending divinations and dream communications, they have established another church. This new religion, simply called Elemental Evil (but often referring to a deity called the Elder Elemental Eye), channels the reverence and power of unknowing worshipers directly to the Dark God.

The favored weapon of Tharizdun is a curved dagger (used primarily as part of sacrificial rites).

The religion of the cult of Tharizdun is one of madness, nihilism, human sacrifice, and evil acts too hideous to describe. It revels in suffering and all things unpleasant and hates goodness, light, and mercy. In fact, the cultists of Tharizdun hate existence itself and seek to further the will of their destructive, evil deity to bring it all to an end.

No greater threat exists in the world than these deranged, dark-hearted fanatics. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), few people today even know that the ancient deity the cultists devote themselves to exists. In ages long past he was banished to some otherworldly prison by all the other deities working in concert. The goal of the cultists of Tharizdun is to free their captive deity so that he may consume all there is to devour and bring an end to all things.

They are mad.

Clerics of Tharizdun wear black or violet robes and bear an obex—a symbol that resembles a black, angular, inverted two-step pyramid. The leaders of the cult are called doom-dreamers. They dress in violet robes and wear spiked helmets that conceal their faces.

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