Father Frost, The Ice Man, The Frostbite Lord, Walker of the Wastes, Master of the North Wind, Ice-brother
Lesser Power of Pandemonium

Portfolio: Winter, cold, north wind
Symbol: Icicle or A leafless tree in a field of snow
Aliases: None
Alignment: Chaotic neutral
Domain Name: Pandesmos/The Icicle Palace
Domains: Air, Chaos, Cold* (CD, Fb), Strength, Winter* (Fb).
Superior: Velnius (father)
Allies: None
Foes: Atroa, Sotillon
Favored Weapon(s): Spear
Worshiper’s Alignment: Any Chaotic

Description: Telchur (TEL-chur) is the bitterest of Procan’s children. Resenting being assigned the coldest and bleakest months of the year, he shuns his family to associate with strange beings (including noble slaadi, the Wolf Lord, and the arch-devil Belial). Shown as a gaunt man with dark eyes and an icicle beard, he wields an icy shortspear and is accompanied by a winged, albino bull. He is extremely good at his work; because he wishes no rivals to blight his reputation, he urged his greatest clerics trap his rival Vatun in a magical prison seven hundred years ago. He prefers the tranquility of a frozen forest to the screams of an icy wind through a mountain pass; his symbol is a leafless tree in a field of snow. “While life blossoms in the spring and flourishes in the summer, winter always comes and causes it to die, freezing the ground so that even the strongest shoot cannot break free. The cold wind covers all like a shroud, sucking the life from man and beast, blowing out the fires of his hope, and leaving nothing but endless white silence.” Telchur’s clerics are brooding and withdrawn. They dislike noise and pleasantries, preferring to focus on the grim necessities of survival, even in times of prosperity. They pray just after dark. They preside over winter funerals, help the fit survive the coldest parts of winter, and adventure to spread the gloom of the Ice-brother to distant people.

Telchur (TELL-chur), the first son of Velnius, was left in charge of the world for a short time (only a millennium) while his father saw to other things and other worlds in Greyspace. When Velnius returned to Oerth, he found that his son had frozen it in an eternal winter. Angry, Velnius made three siblings for the young god and put them in charge of regulating the seasons with their brother.

Telchur is the god of winter. He is the North Wind, the Bringer of Famine and Death. He kills crops with an early frost and freezes animals in cold barns and pastures, all with random abandon. He is the angry, spoiled son who defied his father and never accepted the punishment for it.

Telchur receives prayers from those who genuinely love the silent beauty of the snow, as well as from those who simply want to appease the god and fear his wrath. He is exactly as the winter wind: often blowing without warning but, in the same vein, sometimes covering the world with beauty.

Telchurs Avatar (Fighter Z5, Mage 15)
Telchur appears as a very tall, muscular man. His face is grayish-white, looking much like someone suffering from severe frostbite. His white beard and mustache are frozen into great icicles that hang from his face, cracking and breaking whenever he speaks. He wears many furs, also covered in a thin layer of ice that breaks and falls from the god in a never-ending shower as he moves. His boots are covered with fur and ice, although this doesn’t seem to affect his movement. His eyes are light blue, like the sky after a snowstorm.

Telchur carries a great battle-ax as tall as he is and apparently made out of solid ice. A great club of seasoned bronzewood hangs on his belt by his right hand, and he wears a broadsword strapped on his left side.

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