Hamlet: Conventional (Braiqem); AL CN; 100gp limit; Assets 540gp; Population 108; Isolated (Humans o/s 98 (104), Half-orc (2), Half-elf 2 (2).

Authority Figures: Braiqem (CN male Ranger L13), leader of the Stormseekers.

Stormhaven is a strange place. Located in a natural cove much like Monne’s capital, it is composed entirely of Procan worshippers. They have formed a special community and believe that to feel close to their deity, they must be able to feel his anger. Therefore, whenever a storm blows in the Azure Sea, they set sail as an act of worship. This community is led by a man named Braiqem, a ranger from Onnwal who brought this strange practice to Naerie.

The community trades very little with outside world, lacking the resources or people to compete with surrounding areas. However, the cove is a popular breeding ground for sea crabs, considered a great delicacy by nobles of Naerie, and this resource allows the community to continue its existence. A community of Aquatic Elves dwells nearby on Eilean isles.

Barony of Monne


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