Stalmaer is a small town located at the junction of the Att and Velverdyva Rivers. Stalmaer is a watchpost for events in the Gnarley Forest and beyond. It is also a trade town for goods shipped up from Ryemend and downriver from Libernen.

Stalmaer is a leading marketplace for the seed oil (dresadoes) which the Gold County trades with the Reach, Verbobonc and all points south. Twenty-gallon barrels of this oil are sold in batches of six at auction every Starday and Waterday during Goodmonth and Harvester at Fenker’s Auction House in the great marketplace. Customers are invited to inspect the goods on the previous day. This is almost like a wine tasting, except that buyers obviously don’t drink the stuff.

There are few adventurers or mercenaries here, and those encountered will be only passing through. The town is the main base of the Greenjerkin Rangers, named for the green and brown gear they wear. These elite scouts know much about events in the Gnarley Forest and the Kron Hills, and may speak guardedly of them to fellow rangers. Sir Quill Kith’Barden has been calling for an expansion of the group to help patrol the roads of Furyondy.1

The small northern fringe of the Gnarley Forest is logged for a moderate yield of ipp, yarpick and a few groves of deklo. The quality of wood to be cut here is only fair. This northern spur is less dark and dangerous than most of the Gnarley Forest, with fewer monsters, but it is also not far from the old Temple of Elemental Evil so the Greenjerkins keep a careful watch.

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