Lesser Power of the Bleak Eternity of Gehenna

Symbol: A rat’s head with bared yellow teeth
Home Plane: Gehenna (Cheisin )
Alignment: Lawful evil
Portfolio: Wererats, Thievery, Disguise, Concealment
Superior: none
Alias: none
Core Worshipers: Wererats
Worshipers: Wererats
Cleric Alignments: Lawful evil
Domains: Evil, Law, Mind* (CD), Pestilence* (CD), Protection, Trickery.
Favored Weapon: +3 keen short sword

Description: Squerrik is a physically weak and cowardly, constantly seeking protective magic and disguises to hold imagined enemies at bay. Squerrik’s avatar appears in ratman form, dressed in filthy leathers and cotton pants.

Realm: Squerrik’s realm of Cheisin is an endless series of trap-infested burrows and tunnels located on the plane of Gehenna.

Worshipers: Squerrik doesn’t care much for his shamans, providing them with little additional support beyond the standard grant of spellcasting ability and expecting them to be capable of protecting themselves.

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