Spice Guildhouse

While this building is truly a guildhouse for spice merchants and traders, it is more important as one of the Alliance’s legitimate business fronts. Individuals with no obvious association with the spice trade areoften seen coming and going at all hours of the day. Most thieves in Dyvers are aware of the connection to the Alliance and can refer people wanting to contact the Alliance to this place. The code phrase is to ask for cinnamon from Blackmoor. They’ll be directed to Max the Lucky, one of the middle-rank bosses in the Alliance, and his boss Vel Ashandrin.

Vel Ashandrin is one of the high-ranking Alliance bosses, overseeing most of the racketeering that goes on in the city. He is the Slavelords’ liaison to the Alliance, having a personal interest in the downfall of Greyhawk because the Thieves Guild had his wife assassinated. He can most easily be reached by contacting Max.

Sean K. Reynolds. Greyhawk Adventures, Slavers, 2000

Trade District of Dyvers

Spice Guildhouse

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