Lady Harvest, Queen of Ease, The Summer Queen
Lesser Power of Ysgard

Portfolio: Summer, South Wind, Ease, Comfort
Symbol: Scythe cutting wheat or a winged, pure-orange tiger
Aliases: None
Alignment: Chaotic good (CN)
Domain Name: Ysgard/The Green Fields
Domains: Air, Chaos, Dream* (CD), Good, Healing, Plant, Summer* (Ss).
Superior: Velnius (father)
Allies: Atroa, Telchur, Velnius
Foes: Kurell
Favored Weapon(s): Net (e)
Worshipers’ Alignment: CG, CN

Description: Sotillion (so-TIL-ee-on) is depicted as a beautiful woman in diaphanous clothes, reclining on a blanket with a bottle of wine, accompanied by a winged, pure-orange tiger (her holy symbol). With a wave of her hand she can afflict others with a careless stupor nearly unto slumber. Zilchus’s wife, she can retain her favorite comforts because of her husband’s prosperity. Ever a languid goddess, she often has to be prodded to her duties by her family. “When the wind blows from the south and when planting is done, it is time to rest and enjoy the warm weather with good food, pleasant folk, friendly gossip, and content quiet. Hard work and strain are things to be avoided, if your rewards are threatened, defend them with zeal like the great cat defends her young, for life without its comforts is a life not worth living.” Sotillion’s clerics like to be pampered and enjoy casual parties and banquets where they can listen to soft music, engage in pleasant conversation with interesting people, and sample tasty foods and beverages. Her clerics make good diplomats because they are able make people so relaxed that they forget their quarrels and gripes. They travel in style, usually on horseback, in a carriage, or on a litter, in order to visit acquaintances or attend parties. Some are of the mindset that ease and comfort become stale and boring without times of distress and hardship to which it can be contrasted; these clergymen go adventuring, both for the purpose of roughing it and to acquire riches to allow them the comforts they desire.

Sotillon (SAW-till-on) is the daughter of Velnius and the twin sister of Atroa. The sisters look nothing alike; though Sotillon looks older, she is actually slightly younger than her sister. All that Atroa plants, Sotillon supposedly harvests. The legends say, however, that when she was first born, Sotillon talked Kurell into doing the harvesting for her. The two sisters rarely agree but are not hos¬ tile to one another.

Sotillon is the goddess of the harvest and the bringer of summer. She is also concerned with comfort and satisfaction. Her worshipers would rather while away the warm summer days relaxing instead of doing chores. Some say Sotillon is the embodiment of laziness (unlike the hard-working priests of Atroa), though neither she nor her followers seem to care.

Sotillon’s Avatar (Mage 20, Cleric 15, Thief 10)
Sotillon appears as a lovely young woman of about twenty-five with wild red hair down to her shoulders. She is quite beautiful and wears loose, comfortable clothing, usually a toga. A sickle hangs from her belt, and her scythe is always somewhere nearby (usually leaning against something or floating behind her if she is moving). Both weapons look brand new. Sotillon rarely, if ever, engages in combat, usually persuading someone else to do her fighting for her.

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