Snagtooth Shipbuilding

This large building holds the best shipbuilding and ship repairs company in the area. The business is owned by the grumpy Brack Snagtooth (NG male dwarven Fighter L12; hp 72; Str 17, ring of protection, battle axe +4), a dwarf who also runs the Barge Inn in the River Quarter. The shipbuilding company is managed by Fionor Clawhand (LN male human Fighter L6; hp48; Str 18/00, Dex 18, Con 16, Int 16, ring of protection +3, battle axe +5), a shipbuilder formerly from Ratik.

Over 40 people are employed here, making it the largest local business outside Greyhawk’s walls. Brack is the only dwarf in Greyhawk known to actually be divorced, a situation he never discusses. He is well regarded by other dwarves, but he loves telling jokes making fun of humans and elves. He is less stupid than he seems. Fionor is a superb manager and a skilled carpenter and shipwright.

Roger Moore. Greyhawk, The Adventure Begins. 1996

The Wharves

Snagtooth Shipbuilding

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