The shattered ruins of Sennarae have lain almost undisturbed since Sulm’s forces destroyed the city days after annihilating Itar’s forces on the Plain of Spears. Once the capital of Itar, the city was wracked by powerful earthquakes conjured by Ur-Flan mystics in the service of Sulm. Almost the entire city was destroyed. A handful of structures came to rest on the treacherous cliffs created by the earthquakes while the crumbling remains of a few battered walls and watch towers still precariously cling to the clifftop. The easily accessible parts of the city have long ago been plundered, however much of the wealth of Itar was cast into the warm waters of the Gearnat along with the bulk of the city. Travelers sometimes take shelter in the clifftop ruins, although few possess the resources or bravery to investigate the rest of the city.

Over the years, the relentless action of the sea has eroded and smoothed much of what survived Itar’s death-throes until nothing now juts above the waves, even at low tide. Below the waves, much of Sennerae still stands. Cracked temples dedicated to Pelor, Vathris, and Rao have resisted the onslaught of the tides well, as have other lesser structures. Some streets and other buildings also remain, including portions of the royal palace.

Despite the large concentration of sahuagin and other undersea predators in the Sea of Gearnat, the region surrounding Sennerae is lightly inhabited. No doubt the presence of a gargantuan dragon turtle, which has laired here for centuries, is somewhat to thank for this. Few who witness this monster’s depredations survive the encounter, although some mariner’s tales speak of him. Named Lhamzygax in the journals of Kelsannd, an Ahlissian mage give to undersea exploration, mariners have not encountered the dragon turtle for decades, bringing some to the conclusion that he has finally perished.

The waters off this portion of the coast are uncommonly deep, shrouding Sennerae’s ruins in a gloom half-light. Deep caves pierce the base of the cliff against which the sunken city rests. How far these extend under the desert, and what they contain, is a matter of some conjecture.

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