The Survivor, The Breeder, The Watcher, The Seeker
Lesser Power of the Concordant Domain of the Outlands

Symbol: A lizard’s egg
Home Plane: Outlands (Semuanya’s Bog)
Alignment: Neutral
Portfolio: Lizardfolk, Survival, Propagation, Fertility, the Hunt, Swamps
Superior: none
Alias: none
Core Worshipers: Lizardfolk
Worshipers: Lizardfolk
Cleric Alignments: Neutral, Lawful neutral, Chaotic neutral
Domains: Animal, Creation* (CD), Fate, Healing, Plant, Water, Protection, Renewal, Scalykind, War
Favored Weapon: +1 mighty cleaving greatclub

Description: The dualistic deity of the lizardfolk, Semuanya embodies the chief facets of lizardfolk life: hunting and breeding. During times of peace and plenty they speak of Semuanya as “she” and worship her as the Breeder. During times of strife and hardship they speak of Semuanya as "he” and offer sacrifices to him as the Watcher or the Seeker.

Semuanya appears as a large lizardfolk warrior of indeterminate gender wielding a great club with sharp shells at the tip. During times of peace, lizardfolk call her the Breeder; during times of hardship they call him the Watcher or the Seeker.

Dogma: Semuanya is solely devoted to the survival and propagation of the lizardfolk race, and is completely neutral in alignment. If something is not directly related to survival or propagation, Semuanya considers it irrelevant.

Relationships: Semuanya is an aspect of the “World Serpent” deity worshiped in different forms by the various reptilian races. His worshipers are enthusiastically slaughtered by the cultists of Sess’innek, but to date Semuanya has not elected to care.

Realm: The great bog where Semuanya dwells can be found on the neutral plane of Concordant Opposition. Semuanya’s Bog lies at one end of the great sea Tir fo Thiunn, spireward of the gate-town of Curst. The bog is an untamed, primordial place and is filled with lizardman petitioners, reptiles of all types and what will eventually be their meals. At its center lies the lethargic Semuanya itself.

Clergy: Semuanya’s priests are unorganized, acting as general caretakers for their tribes. They are required to breed every season, and those who become infertile lose their spells and generally commit suicide. New shamans learn at the feet of the previous generation, and replace them when the older shamans grow infertile. Semuanya’s priests distinguish themselves from their fellows with kilts of blue-green hide.

Clerical Training: New shamans learn at the feet of the previous generation’s healers, replacing them when they can no longer fulfill their duties.

Quests: Semuanya instructs its worshipers to serve where needed, frequently questing them to aid war- bands or recover a tribe’s lost eggs.

Prayers: In times of war, prayers to Semuanya take the form of short hisses and reptilian barks made before battle. When a tribe is at peace there is time for longer chants and epic songs intoned in Draconic.

Temples: The lizardfolk do not normally build temples to this god, worshiping him instead at stone shrines. Semuanya’s only temples are in the hearts and minds of its worshipers. Only the occasional symbol or idol is made as a physical representation of its worship.

Rites: In times of strife, prayers to Semuanya take the form of efficient hisses and reptilian barks. In times of peace and plenty, lizardfolk take the time to intone longer chants and epic poems in the Draconic tongue. Hunting prizes are sacrificed to Semuanya monthly, when Luna is full.

Holy days: Semuanya’s holy days are the times of the full moon.

Herald and Allies: Semuanya’s herald is an albino lizardfolk druid called Spirit Scale. Semuanya’s allies and those it most commonly sends to fulfill planar ally spells are celestial or fiendish dinosaurs, giant crocodiles, hydras, or tendricuioses.

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