Borough of Seaton (large town): Conventional
10,000 gp limit
Population 5,000 (Human 75% (SOf), Elf 10% (sylvan 80%, high 20%), Gnome 6%, Halfling 5% (lightfoot), Half-elf 2%, Dwarf 1%, Other 1%)
Government: Feudal Autocracy (the Lord Mayor serves at the Viscount of Salinmoor’s pleasure but traditionally the position is hereditary and held by the current Baron Seaton)
Languages: Common, Keolandish, Elven
Religions: Osprem, Procan, Xerbo, Heironeous, St. Cuthbert, Phaulkon, Zilchus, Fharlanghn, Kord, Lydia, Norebo, Ehlonna
Allies: Wood elves, treants, and seelie fey of the Dreadwood (all members of the Wild Flame Pact)
Enemies: Sea Princes (all factions), Scarlet Brotherhood, unseelie fey of the Dreadwood, various monstrous humanoids native to the Azure Sea
Resources: Farming (grains, peppers, tomatoes), Fish (crab, fish, lobster), Silver
Coinage: [Keoland standard] griffon (pp), lion (gp), eagle (ep), hawk (sp), sparrow (cp)

Authority Figures: The Right Honorable Marik Feldren (N male human knight), Lord Mayor Baron Seaton

Notable Figures: Lord Aiken Secunforth, The Right Honorable Viscount of Salinmoor (LG male human paragon knight); Lady Lizbeth Secunforth, The Most Honorable Viscountess of Salinmoor (NG female human noble); Lady Aida Secunforth, The Most Honorable Dowager Viscountess of Salinmoor (LG female human noble); Cronin Secunforth, The Honorable Master of Salinmoor (LG teen-aged male human fighter 1); Sir Roger Dobbs, 8th Baronet of Conwy on the Salin (NE male human noble); Constable Adelard Randalson (LG male human veteran); Sergeant Talia Crowley (NG female human myrmidon), investigator in the city watch.

Overview: Founded in -155 CY, Seaton was Keoland’s southernmost sizable settlement until 301 CY when Monmurg was established. It is a relatively recent development, dating back to the 290s CY, that Seaton was named the capital of the Viscounty of Salinmoor, Keoland’s southern-most province on the Azure Sea. Before that, the viscounty did not exist and Seaton was part of the demesne of the Duchy of Gradsul

Seaton was originally founded as a small fishing town, similar to nearby Saltmarsh. While it has seen periods of military activity in the past, most notably during the Toli Wars when wooden palisades surrounded the town, Seaton is now a heavily fortified port due to conflicts with the Sea Princes in the not-so-distant past. Located on the northern shore of the Bay of Javan, Seaton is home to Keoland’s southernmost naval fleet, infantry regiments, and cavalry squadrons. As a result, what was once a sleepy maritime viscounty of small import to the kingdom has been transformed into a military bulwark against raiders, slavers, and pirates. Together with the small garrison at Splitrock, the forces here protect the residents of the Redshore Peninsula and patrols extend all the way to Saltmarsh, up the Salin River, and occasionally to Burle.

Districts of Seaton:

Notable Locations in Seaton:

Administered by The Right Honorable Marik Feldren, Lord Mayor Baron Seaton, Seaton is generally an orderly town with low crime rates, high levels of Keoish patriotism, and large numbers of Keoish military sailors, soldiers, and veterans residing within its walls (all of whom take a dim view on piracy and smuggling). Located on the eastern shore of the mouth of the shallow and slow-flowing Salin River, most of the town is safely contained within sturdy town walls which extend out from Seaton Castle, itself located on a rocky outcropping at the very tip of the river’s mouth. Port Seaton, located outside the town’s walls on the Azure Sea’s coast, features moderately deep waters and is home to Seaton’s docks, piers, and wharfs. The piers closest to Seaton Castle are generally reserved for Keoish naval vessels while the rest are often home to large fishing trawlers. Smaller family fishing boats generally are berthed in small slips located at the far end of the harbor district. In short, Seaton is normally a perfectly boring military port town that is growing to be a small city.

House Secunforth

The castle itself is home to the viscount and his family as well as attending functionaries and important staff members. The Lord Mayor Baron Seaton and his family reside in a house located close to the castle. All viscounty and town business is conducted in the castle; each morning, the viscount’s court is called to session in the Great Hall. Upon being dismissed by the viscount, the Lord Mayor Baron Seaton holds court in the nearby Lesser Hall before retiring to his administrative offices in the castle’s inner ward. The viscount’s administrative offices are also located in the inner ward, closest to the viscount’s apartments. The constable, who reports to the Lord Mayor Baron Seaton and attends his court every morning (although he is not required to attend the Viscount’s court as that is when he conducts the constabulary’s roll call), operates out of the town’s constabulary headquarters located near the city’s central market.

Viscounty of Salinmoor


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