Schwartzenbruin is one of the largest cities in the Flanaess, accommodating at times in access of 30,000 people. No official census has ever returned a full result so in reality Schwartzenbruin may house considerably more.

A lot of Schwartzenbruin’s population is transient in nature. Mercenary companies, merchant caravans, ships crews and tourists adding to the seasonal arrival of native clansmen for important business, signing on, and festivals. As a result Schwartzenbruin has developed into a city that can cater for the diversity and needs of a great many cultures and ideas. Its inns and taverns are legendary and it courtesans unrivaled. Schwartzenbruin is the perfect place for battle weary mercenaries and adventures to unload their loot and frustrations. The city guards are swift to act but lenient on penalties – a quick bribe seeing you escorted home and the peace kept.

Schwartzenbruin sits on the south-western shore of Lake Quag, with both the Old City and the New City located on an island, while the newest section, the Shore, is the city across from the island. Schwartzenbruin is the capital city of Perrenland and houses the chambers of the Cantonal Council Of Perrenland, and the Voormann of all Perrenland.

Canton of Schwartzenbruin


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